Top 9 Favorite Fitness Accessories

Ladies using resistance bands during their fitness retreat.


Have you been to a retreat with us? Did you love some of the items we used? From our stability discs to our room spray, we’ve put together a post so you can find all of your favorite products that you liked from the retreat.

The best part? All of these products can be used at home easily. You never have to skip a workout! Whether you like to workout at home or you don’t have time to get to the gym, these fitness products are perfect for at home or to travel with.

Stability Discs (pictured) – These are the little balance pods we used in different formation as well as to squat on, balance on one leg and more. You can use them for squats, lunges or to stand on and do upper body work. They’re great for at home or to take to the gym. Grab them here: Stability Disc

Resistance Bands – The long, flat bands that we use in our resistance band class come in a set of different resistance strengths. These are also perfect for home but are great to travel with too! Never miss a workout with these in your workout arsenal. They’re lightweight and can fit in any suitcase so whether you travel for business or pleasure, they’re easily packed. Get them: Resistance Bands

Circular Bands – These are the bands that we use around ankles, thighs and feet to work the lower body. They’re the ones that you love to hate!  Again, these are also super lightweight and can be packed in any suitcase or small travel bag. Get them: Loop Bands

Chill Pill Room Spray – If you liked the soothing blend of essential oils in our room spray, check out Chill Pill. We love the blend of essential oils in this spray from Aura Cacia. “Chill out with this blend of calming lavender, refreshing citrus and balancing patchouli to difuse anger, quiet arguments and create harmony. Don’t let road rage or conflict get the best of you – just chill…” Get Chill Pill: Chill Pill

Yoga Strap/Stretch Strap – The cotton straps we use are durable, washable and great for yoga or even if you just want some deep stretch. If you’re tight and need assistance stretching, they are a great option to assist in your flexibility. It comes in a variety of colors and lengths so you can pick your favorite! Get it: Yoga/Stretch Strap

Cork Yoga Blocks – Cork Yoga Blocks provide great support and enhanced stability for your yoga practice or stretching routine. Whether you’re doing a forward bend on your feet or sitting on the floor, they can aid in your quest to reach a little further. We also love them because they’re ECO friendly. “100% Eco-Friendly, made without any toxic chemicals produced in their harvesting. Large enough to sit comfortably on.” They come in a set of two. Get them: Cork Yoga Blocks

Massage Balls/Myofascial Release – Massage balls are a great way to get those hard to reach areas worked out. Great in conjunction with stretching or foam rolling. “The spiky layer offers a stimulating effect and increases circulation throughout your entire body both pre and post workout. This will hit all trigger points and rejuvenate all areas of your body, so you can train harder for longer.” Get them: Massage Balls

Foam Roller – A high quality, high density foam roller (such as the charcoal/black ones we use) is essential to keeping tight muscles flexible and knot free. “Designed to relieve sore muscles before, during, or after workouts, the high-density foam roller works in combination with your body weight to promote increased blood flow and enhanced circulation to soft tissues. By targeting various trigger points, the foam roller performs a type of soft-tissue therapy that can improve flexibility, extend range of motion, and reduce pain and discomfort.” Foam rollers are a great way to warm up or to use for increased flexibility and range of motion. Get it: High Density Foam Roller

JBL Speaker – Many of you have commented on the sound quality of our JBL speaker. Perfect for at home or to take to the lake or beach. “Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators demonstrate just how powerful your speakers are.” This version is splash proof but it also comes in a waterproof version. Get it here: JBL Speaker Enjoy! If you have any questions about these products, let us know in the comments below.

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