The Wisdom Of Trying Something New To Improve Fitness

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Try Something New When It Comes To Improving Your Fitness

When it comes to fitness, getting comfortable is not always a good thing. In fact, our bodies change the most when we push harder and push ourselves beyond our limits. A change in pace and setting can be good, too. Moving our workout outdoors is a major priority for Vita Vie Retreat, as it can introduce us to unfamiliar environments, effectively challenging us to work harder.

If you train on a treadmill, you might find running on the road or on a trail more challenging even if you stick to your regular pace or distance. It’s an uncontrolled environment, sometimes with sloping hills or protruding roots that also trains your mind to be more aware. 

Breaking the plateau

Shocking your body with different workouts or varying intensities is a good way to get out of a rut. We’ve all reached plateaus in our fitness journeys and most of it has to do with the lack of a challenge. Cedric X. Bryant from the American Council on Exercise points out that the body’s ability to adapt to stimuli is to blame for the stagnation. “But when it’s exposed to the same type of training stimulus time after time, you’ll see some loss in response to that stimulus because the body has become so accustomed to that challenge,” he says. 

You’ll notice that if you keep running the same route and distance, or lifting the same weights, your routine starts to become familiar and less challenging. That’s not exactly a bad thing if your goal is to maintain your current weight or fitness level. But it’s not the best approach for people who want to improve their bodies.


Woman recovering with yoga.

Hitting the same muscle group every time causes severe fatigue and makes it vulnerable to injury. Changing up your workouts also ensures that you’re giving certain body parts some much-needed rest, and working muscle groups that would normally be neglected. For example, you can do a spin class today and strengthen your legs and attend a Pilates class tomorrow to focus on your core.


One reason that people stop going to the gym after some time is that it can get a little monotonous. Even though the intensity increases, you probably have the same set of moves, which can get a little boring over time. Try integrating a few group classes every once in a while, to shake things up. If you like running or cycling outside, look for a new route so you can enjoy the new sights. 


If you’re running out of ideas, celebrities and athletes are always in the know about the latest workout trends. Self curated a list of celebs’ favorite workouts, many of which you probably haven’t given a chance. Lady Gaga, Lea Michele, and Miley Cyrus are just a few artists who swear by yoga for fitness and meditation. The great thing about it is that there are different types of yoga that offer benefits for everyone. 

improve fitness with barre

If you want to go for a really unconventional form of training, give juggling a try. Juggling, according to Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, has become a part of his regular routine, along with meditation and ‘mind training’. Juggling also contributes to an athlete’s hand-eye coordination and concentration. Quirky or not, it’s hard to question McIlroy’s methods, who is a four-time major golf champion. McIlroy has also become one of the highest earning sports stars in the world, and his excellence on the fairway has made him one of the players to beat on the PGA Tour. It’s a testament to how even the most unorthodox methods can lead to great results in fitness and performance.

Another great suggestion from Victoria’s Secret Angels is barre. It combines elements of Pilates, dance, and body weight training in one, and trains the entire body. Speaking of which, ballet can be a great alternative exercise where you get to increase flexibility. Dance in general, is seen as a great cross-training exercise. Serena Williams, for example, dances as a form of cardio and coordination training, from which a tennis player of her caliber can benefit. 

The road to your personal goals is definitely paved with challenges. Remember that the key to fitness is to not be afraid of trying something new or unconventional.

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Get creative, enjoy what you’re doing and be open to the process. You never know what you might love! One of the biggest eye openers for guests of our weight loss boot camp is that they find classes they never knew they loved. So many people end up loving kickboxing or salsa or yin yoga — all because they tried it during their fitness getaway. You can do the same at your local gym or the various studios in the area. Sign up for a class or training session that’s out of the norm for you and see if you like it. Love it? Perfect, you’ve just found something that might motivate you to workout. Hate it? No problem! It was just one class — move on the the next one.

If you’re having trouble improving your fitness and want personalized guidance, check out our health and wellness coaching, personal training or join us for a fitness retreat to jumpstart your fitness routine! It’s all about results, right? We’re motivated by results. If you’re trying to change your body and what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time for change. We’re here to help!

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