Nutrition + HEALTH Coaching

60 MINUTES | $70
In Person or Online

It’s not simply what you eat that’s important. It’s how you eat. We’ll evaluate your current eating habits, health needs and goals to determine any changes that need to be made based on your goals. Together, we’ll come up with a plan that suits you and your lifestyle. You’ll get fresh ideas and recommendations of healthy habits that you can implement to help you reach success.

Beneficial For: Beginner to Advanced Levels
Goals: All - Weight Loss, Improved Energy, Improved Health, Develop Healthy Habits, Sport Nutrition

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Meal Planning Made Easy

60 MINUTES | $70 
In Person or Online

Need help with meal planning and developing a repertoire of simple, healthy and delicious meals that are well-balanced for your needs? This session is for you. We’ll build meals and snacks that you can put together quickly based on your lifestyle and taste preferences. Whether you eat at home, on the road or a combination of both, we’ll develop the best choices for you and your schedule.

Beneficial For: Beginner to Advanced Levels
Goals: All - Great for anyone looking for help planning meals and snacks for at home or on the go.

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60 MINUTES | $70
In Person or Online

Are you stuck and not seeing results? Having trouble getting started or maintaining momentum? Meet with a certified health coach who will asses your complete lifestyle. We’ll dive into your nutrition habits, your current fitness activities as well as external factors like stress management to make recommendations where change can occur to help you feel and move better - and reach the results you’re after!

Beneficial For: Advanced Beginner to Advanced Levels
Goals: All - Best for those who have already tried reaching a goal but have hit a plateau or are stuck in some aspect.

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