Peaches and Cream Vanilla Protein Shake

Protein shake with peaches and almond milk.


I’m enjoying the freshness of Summer! I’ve been indulging in colorful fruit and vegetables as much as I can. Although I live in Florida, not all of these colorful goodies are in season all of the time so it’s time to scoop them up and make delicious recipes with them.

I’ve really been into peaches lately. Not only are the good for you in a number of ways but they’ve been so delicious and juicy this year! I love to shop local wherever I am. So whether I’m home or visiting a new place, I like to experience what’s growing and in season. This year I’ve been in love with peaches. I’ve made peach crisp (a healthier take on peach cobbler – I’ll post the recipe at a later date), peach + vanilla chia seed pudding and even a grilled chicken salad with fresh peach slices, avocado, candied walnuts and more.

What I love about a protein shake is that it’s quick and easy to make and packs a ton of nutrients. Most of our weight loss retreat guests are looking for healthy recipes that they can make quickly and take on the go. This peaches + cream protein shake is perfect for doing just that and is so delicious. It has just the right hint of peach and I love it for breakfast or a snack. Hope you enjoy!


So what’s the nutritional scoop on peaches? According to, “Peaches store a broad range of nutrients that are vital for the healthy functioning of the body. Peaches are a rich provider of vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). They are also a good source of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), vitamin K(phylloquinone), vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B-6, folate, and pantothenic acid. Peaches offer a rich treasure of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, and copper. They are low in calories, contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, and are a good source of dietary fiber as well.”

In addition, peaches may offer some of the following health benefits:

  • Anti Cancer – Peaches are rich in Phenols, Flavonoids and Cartenoids which are anti-tumor and also prevent DNA damage caused by free radicals. It is said that the antioxidants in peaches can target cancers such as breast, lung, and colon.

  • High Fiber Content – Peaches have been linked with fighting of colon cancer and preventing any digestive disorders. Digestion is the core function that our body performs in order for us to survive and fight off diseases.

  • Healthy Skin – The high amount of vitamin C found in peaches ensures the skin is protected from oxidative stress and also prevents the loss of collagen in the skin, promoting cell regeneration.

  • Cholesterol Management – Peaches, which are rich in fiber, can help scrape excess cholesterol build up from your arteries, providing a better pathway for the flow of blood and oxygenation.


Serves 1

How To: Add almond milk, peach, vanilla, and protein powder. Give a quick blend and then add any ice that you’d like. Adding the liquid first helps to incorporate all of the ingredients and allow for a liquid texture once you add the ice so the shake doesn’t get too thick. Enjoy!

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