18 Ways To Have A Healthier Holiday

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By: Margot Rutigliano

Holiday weekends can mean overindulging with friends and family and less activity than usual. Have you ever had one of those holidays or vacation weeks where you ate (and drank) too much and didn’t move your body like you normally do? It usually ends up making you feel worse rather than better. While it’s important to enjoy yourself over the holiday, staying close to your healthy goals doesn’t have to be hard. It There are some easy ways to keep yourself on track. With a few tweaks, your holiday can still be a ton of fun but you won’t need a vacation from your vacation. Here are our 18 ways to have a healthier holiday.



Eat in correct portions – no matter what you eat, use portion control. If you’re not familiar with portion control, here are the guidelines. WOMEN – protein = 1 palm (size and thickness of palm of hand), carbs = 1 cupped hand, vegetables or fruit = 1 clenched fist, fat = 1 thumb. MEN – protein = 2 palms (size and thickness of palm of hand), carbs = 2 cupped hands, vegetables or fruit = 2 clenched fists, fat = 2 thumbs

Stay hydrated – keep the water flowing!

Eat colorful food – incorporate colorful fruits and veggies into any holiday fare you’re enjoying.

Eat a good balance of protein, carbs and fat – try as best as you can to maintain balance. It will help you feel satiated and help to curb any cravings.

Indulge a little – nothing wrong with a treat here and there!

Host a healthier dinner party – Have your friends or family over for some healthy (and some not so healthy) fare. Try a new recipe and get creative in the kitchen!

Keep moving – don’t skip workouts.

Get active outside – enjoy an outdoor activity. Take a walk outside, try kayaking, go hiking in the mountains or ride your bike into town.

Try a new workout or class – get inspired with a new workout or fitness class!

Don’t forget recovery work too – treat your body right with foam roll, static or active stretch.

Relax – meditate, enjoy quiet time or go to yoga.

Spa – time to try out that new spa or spa treatment you’ve been wanting to try!

Enjoy friends and family – what better time to reconnect than during a holiday weekend?

Take a road trip – sometimes a road trip is a great way to recharge. Whether it’s for a few hours, the day or a few days, getting out of your environment can be exactly what you need to recharge.

Detach from electronics – try not to waste time stuck to social media or surfing the net. 

Attack home projects – holiday weekends are great to complete home projects, get organized or clear clutter

Read a good book – dig into those pages!

Play a game – grab cards or a board game and challenge your brain (alone or with others).


The point is to have a happy holiday and try to incorporate some healthy habits into it. Enjoy yourself, enjoy those around you and have a great time. I hope some of these tips help provide a little inspiration into how you can make your holiday a little bit more balanced.

 Healthy Wishes,

Margot + The Vita Vie Retreat Team