Fitness Retreat Tips: Healthy Cooking Websites

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Our Favorite Healthy Cooking Websites At The Retreat

We can probably all use a little inspiration in the kitchen, right? If there’s one conversation that takes place more than any other at our fitness retreat, it’s about food. If you’re like me, you love delicious tasting food but sometimes need a healthier version of your favorites. Most of our guests usually ask for our favorite “go to” healthy cooking sites so they can have ideas for when they head home. While staying with us, they get 3 healthy meals daily that are cooked for them so naturally, they want to continue eating creative, clean food even after their vacation is over. Luckily in 2019, there are so many great websites out there dedicated to delicious tasting food that it also really good for you! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo or just a regular eater, there is something for everyone. Below is our list of favorite websites to find healthy cooking inspiration (in no particular order).

  1. Against All Grain - Danielle Walker is so talented. After dealing with her own struggles with autoimmune disease, she delved into the world of grain free cooking in order to enjoy some of her favorite foods in a way that her body could tolerate. She has 4 cookbooks (I have 3 of them — fantastic) and a wonderful website/blog with a ton of great recipes. You’ll be able to find grain free, gluten free, dairy free and nut free recipes and condiments.

  2. Skinny Taste - This was one of the first websites I ever came in contact with in terms of “healthified” food. I literally tell all of our retreat guests about this website and still use this site as a resource for my own recipe inspiration. You can basically find any favorite dish in a healthier version. Plus, you can search by category. So whether you need dinner or brunch, a meal that’s gluten free or a one pan dish, you can find it.

  3. Cooking Light - This is totally mainstream but I really like their recipes. I’ve made a few things from Cooking Light over the last year that turned out to be absolutely delicious. You can literally find anything you need from appetizers and desserts to main courses. Plus, you can find recipes that are simple and quick to make to more intricate, sophisticated dishes.

  4. Nom Nom Paleo - The name basically says it all. If you’re paleo or want to eat more of a non-processed, whole food based diet then this site would be right up your alley. What’s great is that many of the recipes are fairly easy to make but still taste really delicious. Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or a little more experienced, you could pull off these recipes without a problem.

  5. EatingWell - I subscribe to the EatingWell magazine. Not only do they have fun, creative recipes for every season but they also do a section for healthy eating menu on a budget from time to time. I find this particularly helpful because eating healthy can be pretty costly depending on what you’re buying. They have a ton of great information on cooking and they also have meal plans on their website — a great resource for many reasons.

  6. Weelicious - This is a great healthy website for families. Catherine, author and creator, has a ton of healthy recipes from kid friendly smoothies and lunch box inspiration to family dinners and one pot meals — all healthy and delicious. One of her most beautiful displays of food are her snack boards (or charcuterie boards). They are incredibly vibrant and colorful and fun for adults and kids. No matter who you’re entertaining, they are a great option. Since so many of our fitness retreat guests are parents, I love to recommend this website because there are definitely options for everyone.

  7. Clean Food Crush - This clean eating website features many of your favorites in a clean version. From party dips to casseroles and desserts, there are a ton of options. The food is always colorful and usually easy to make — a huge win! You’ll also find more information about clean eating and pantry staples on this website as well.

  8. Cookie & Kate - A whole food based recipe website, this one is for mostly plant based eaters. All of the recipes are vegetarian with vegan recipes mixed in. There is a sizable selection of recipes from veggie burgers to pecan pie - yum! Check out Cookie & Kate here:

A Few Additional Websites That We Occasionally Use:

Get To Cooking Healthy

I hope this gave you some good ideas for heathy recipe websites. Sometimes just a little inspiration is all you need to to cook fun, creative and tasty meals that are healthy. If you need additional help, join us for a fitness retreat or check out our meal planning made easy session for individualized guidance. Best in your healthy cooking adventures!