Essential Oils To Diffuse For Stress Reduction

Essential oils being blended for stress reduction.


Who isn’t stressed out these days? We’re living in a fast paced, high energy world. Whether you’re feeling stress from work, school, family, friends or relationships, it’s everywhere. There are many ways to combat stress including meditation, deep breathing, yoga, massage, reading a good book and so much more. Essential oils can be a fantastic way to beat stress and ease your tension while you’re at home.

We use an essential oil spray for our stretch and yoga classes at the retreat. In addition, we usually have essential oil towelettes or pure essential oils on hand to add to the experience. Essential oils truly can help relax you in a matter of minutes.



Essential oils have so many benefits. Not only do many of them smell wonderful but they can have a positive impact on your health. If you aren’t sure what they are, essential oils are organic compounds that have been extracted from plants and are said to have a number of healing properties. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for healing purposes which can include physical, mental and emotional health.

Healing plant oils have been used for over thousands years by many different cultures. They have a number of uses including relaxation and stress reduction, natural body care, natural home cleaning as well as for natural medicine as directed by a qualified provider.

One drop of an essential oil is extremely concentrated. Therefore, A little goes a long way when using essential oils.  They are normally created through process of distillation and have been extracted directly from a plant or tree.

Essential oils are generally used in one of the following ways:

  1. Aromatically – This would be through the process of diffusion in order to defuse the essential oil into the air. Inhalation of the essential oils is then thought to be absorbed by the bloodstream. Not only do you get the health benefits, but you also get a great smelling home.

  2. Body Care – Homemade body care is a fantastic way to add an essential oil’s to your daily routine. The oils are added into these products and absorbed by the skin when applied topically. Is homemade products can include body lotions, shampoo and conditioner, dental care as well as lip balm and more.

  3. Ingestion – Ingestion of essential oils to be used with some caution and generally is recommended only with the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Some oils like lemon, frankincense, peppermint and oregano can be taken with water but should be diluted.


While there are many ways to use essential oils, I’m mainly talking about diffusion into the air for a calm home environment (a few other ways to use essential oils are listed below as well). It’s the perfect way to enjoy a relaxed environment in the comfort of your own home.

Approximately 5 – 10 drops of each oil in your diffuser with water is sufficient. You may decide you like a stronger or lighter scent so some experimenting may be needed. I suggest Rocky Mountain Oils as they are my favorite but your preferred high quality essential oils will work too (make sure the ingredients list ONLY the oil you are purchasing without carrier oils included). The links below link directly to Rocky Mountain Oil products on Amazon.

My favorite essential oil combinations:

Lavender + Orange  
Lavender – Soothes and calms an overstimulated nervous system and balance everyday stress and tension.
Orange – Orange Essential Oil provides a calming yet joyful effect; it can help to clear stagnant thoughts, reduce nervousness and tension, and strengthen focus.

Lavender + Grapefruit
Lavender – Soothes and calms an overstimulated nervous system and balance everyday stress and tension.
Grapefruit – Promotes balance from everyday mental fatigue, tension, and stress while also relieving feelings of exhaustion due to jet lag.

Ylang Ylang + Lavendar
Ylang Ylang – Soothe the mind and calm the nervous system and reduce mental fatigue.
Lavender – Soothes and calms an overstimulated nervous system and balance everyday stress and tension.

Ylang Ylang + Cinnamon
Ylang Ylang – Soothe the mind and calm the nervous system and reduce mental fatigue.
Cinnamon – Support healthy blood sugar levels, Increase the efficacy of other essential oils and Sustain a healthy, balanced endocrine system.

Frankincense + Pine
Frainkincense – The warm oil not only promotes a healthy immune system, it also supports digestive function, helping to relieve bloat in the abdomen, while promoting healthy urinary and respiratory systems.
Pine – Encouraging positive and calming emotions.

Other Oils That Help With Stress Reduction: Vetiver, Rose, Chamomile, BergamotLemongrass



Here are a few other great ways to reap the benefits of essential oils without diffusing them into the air.

In A Bath

A few combinations to use in your tub to relax after a hard day…

Vetiver + Sandalwood: Add 4 drops of vetiver and 6 drops of sandalwood to your bath water and relax while inhaling the aroma.

Valerian + Ylang Ylang: Blend 2 drops of valerian essential oil with 4 drops of ylang ylang.


As A Pillow Spray

Spray a few pumps over your pillow to enjoy the stress reduction benefits while you sleep.

Lavender + Peppermint: Blend 4 drops of lavender with 2 drops of peppermint essential oil and use in a spray bottle as a pillow spray.

Lavender + Chamomile: For any type emotional stress blend 4 drops of lavender essential oil with 3 drops of chamomile oil. Spray over your pillow and rest easy.


If you need individual guidance with stress reduction, check out our Health & Wellness Coaching for personalized help. Or join us for a fitness retreat to jumpstart your way into healthy habits!

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. We’re always happy to help! - Margot & Team

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