Retreat Workout: Core Circuit

Woman doing plank on the beach as part of the core circuit.

CORE CIRCUIT : One of our retreat workouts

You probably know by now, but maintaining a healthy + strong core is one of the best things you can do for your body. Think of your core muscles as the muscles that generate the power for a chain connecting your upper and lower body. Whether you’re playing a sport or doing a household activity, all of these necessary motions are either generated from the core or they move through it. It’s obviously pretty important to have a strong core!

Needing a strong, healthy core isn’t just beneficial for movement though. It’s also important in keeping your low back healthy. A strong core will help your balance and stability as well as your overall posture. Even routine daily tasks like sitting at your desk or maintaining certain postures for your job (think surgeon, dentist, factory worker, etc) can be made a lot easier by maintaining good core strength. In addition, having a strong abdominal wall helps to protect your vital organs. Just one more reason why having a fit core is important.

Because the core is vital to us, we thought we’d pass along some core workouts so that you can work on strengthening your core area. We know most of you don’t have a lot of time so these workouts are geared to get the most “bang for your buck”. They can be easily accomplished in 30 minutes or less. Although “core” may signify “abs” or low back for many of you, there are many core movements that use major muscle groups in addition to core. In this core circuit, we’ve added in planks, bridge and ways to work your full abdominal wall (even those hard to reach lower abs).

Client does exercises in the core circuit on the beach.


This workout is pretty simple and straight forward. The movements are not complex so as far as core workouts go, this is a great one to start with.

As always with our workouts, make sure to adjust time or reps based on your fitness level and what feels  good to you. You should be challenged but not beyond your fitness level. If you need help figuring that out, check our coaching page for private coaching or hook up with your local fitness professional to go over form and your fitness level.


Fitness Level Suggestions:

Suggested Time Frame For Fitness Levels:

  • Beginner: 20-30 Seconds Each Movement

  • Intermediate: 30- 45 Seconds Each Movement

  • Advanced: 45 Sec-2 Minutes Each Movement


How To:

Warm up for 3 – 5 minutes before beginning or take as much time as you need to get warm. Walking, jogging, foam rolling or dynamic flexibility are all suitable ways to warm up.


The Movements:

What you need: A yoga mat or fitness mat. Always have a water bottle on hand with water for sipping during the workout or for in-between circuits on breaks.

Complete all movements as a full circuit. Complete 2 – 4 full circuits.

  • Plank (on forearms or hands – alternating leg raises if advanced) – 45 seconds

  • Side Plank (right side – on forearm or hand) – 45 seconds

  • Side Plank (left side – on forearm or hand) – 45 seconds

  • Bridge (alternating leg raises for advanced exercisers) – 45 seconds

  • Double Leg Lowers (lying on back) – 45 seconds

  • Full Sit Ups (crunches if not strong enough or if back issues) – 45 seconds

  • Break – 30 seconds to 1 minute


Warm down for 3 – 5 minutes after the workout. Warming down can be completed the same way you warmed up – by walking, jogging, foam rolling or with dynamic flexibility. Static stretching may also be done as a warm down.


Enjoy the workout! If you have any questions, please comment below. We’re always happy to help!

Best in health & wellness,

The Vita Vie Retreat Team


*Disclaimer: Always consult with your physician before beginning any new physical fitness or nutrition program. This information is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to treat any physical issue, problem or ailment.