5 Gluten Free Noodle Alternatives

Regular noodles.


Pasta dishes are delicious but if you’re like most people, you want to enjoy those wonderful dishes without all of the carbs and the guilt. Luckily, healthy nutrition and cuisine have paired up over the last few years. There are many alternatives to the traditional pasta.

Pasta was always a big staple in my house as a child. My father is Italian which meant comfort food equaled a big pot of marinara on the stove along with a healthy portion of pasta. I’ve learned to enjoy many meals that include pasta with a healthier alternative. I’ve listened my top 5 below.

These options have fewer carbohydrates, are gluten free and also pack a much larger nutrient punch. Typical pastas are based from white flours. Unfortunately, these flours are highly refined and don’t contain much in the way of nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc). Check out my alternatives to substitute in your favorite dishes below. Enjoy!

Gluten free pasta alternative.


Black Bean Pasta

Black bean pasta is one of my favorite substitutes for traditional pasta. It’s fairly mild so it can be used in many dishes. I tend to use it more in cold dishes as well as Thai or Asian dishes although I have used it in a typical tomato basil spaghetti dish as well.

Black bean spaghetti is packed full of fiber (11g) as well as protein (22g). It is gluten free, organic and vegan.

You can find it at many grocery and natural grocery stores as well as here: Black Beach Spaghetti


Quina Pasta

Quina pasta isn’t carbohydrate light but it is much more nutrient dense than typical noodles. It has a very mild taste making it the perfect sub in many pasta dishes including Italian options.

This pasta is super low in sugar (less than 1g) and has 4g of fiber and 4g of protein per serving. Quinoa stands alone as a complete protein grain. It supplies all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern.

Where To Buy: Quinoa Pasta


Adzuki Bean Spaghetti

Adzuki bean spaghetti is a much earthier option. Certified gluten free, organic and vegan, Adzuki spaghetti is a great option for many people and their nutritional needs. The flavor is little more bold and may take some getting used to. It is loaded with fiber at 15g per serving! Enjoy this tasty alternative with many dishes.

At 15g of fiber, the total net carb count is only 11g! These noodles are also high in protein at 20g per serving. Great for those looking to beef up their fiber intake and limit carbohydrates.

Grab them here: Adzuki Bean Spaghetti


Edamame Spaghetti

Organic edamame spaghetti is also wonderful for many nutritional types. It is gluten free, kosher and certified vegan so wether you’re gluten free or simply a plant based eater, these noodles are a fantastic option.

They have 25g of protein, 11g of fiber and 11g of net carbs. Edamame noodles have a much milder flavor and are fantastic in all kinds of dishes.

Get Them Here: Edamame Spaghetti


Soba Noodles

While this may be a surprise, soba noodles, made from 100% buckwheat are gluten free. They are traditionally used in Japanese dishes but are versatile enough to be used in all types of cuisine. They have a wonderful full flavor.

A plant high in protein and fiber, buckwheat also has high levels of minerals such as magnesium. Since buckwheat is not a type of wheat but instead a seed, it is ideal for gluten-free diets as well as being vegetarian, vegan and kosher. They are organic and soy free as well.

Get Them Here: Soba Noodles

Bonus: Vegetables or Zoodles

I love to sauté vegetables as pasta for a traditional meat sauce and even for other lighter pasta dishes. I also like using zoodles as a noodle alternative. This is a super low carb way to substitute for pasta and if you use zucchini or squash, the flavor is so mild. I’ve even used thinly sliced zucchini as a noodle substitute in lasagna. It was delicious!

*Tip for vegetables or zoodles – make sure to salt them so that some of the water sweats out. Otherwise, they’ll make your dish watery. With zoodles and zucchini lasagna noodles, I salt them and let them sit on a paper towel for 30 minutes or so. I’ll then dab the water off of them and either sauté or bake.


Additional Options:
Here are even a few additional options to try.

  • Brown Rice Pasta (one of my favorites)

  • Garbanzo Bean Pasta (I’ll be honest – this is my lease favorite)

  • Jovial Brand gluten free pastas (probably my #1 favorite)

No matter what you choose, I hope you enjoy your dish! There are so many other noodle substitutions to choose from other than what I’ve listed above but hopefully one or more of these options work for you. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below. Healthy Wishes - Margot + The Vita Vie Retreat Team


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