10 Fitness Workouts To Try

Women trying a HIIT class to mix up their fitness routine.


I consistently hear the question, “What should I do for my workouts?” from our fitness retreat clients. My answer is always “do what you like to do.” It is so important to make fitness fun so that you actually want to workout. If I told you that you have to cycle five times each week but you hate to cycle, most likely you won’t go and you won’t work out. What good would that do? Sometimes  it is a matter of thinking outside the box and trying a workout or even an activity that you may not have thought to try.

Working out doesn’t even have to mean going to a gym. While this post is about trying a new class or actual workout, keep in mind that if that’s not your thing, that’s ok. Getting outdoors and being active can qualify as a workout if it’s hard enough. So whether you go on a challenging hike, snow ski, surf or play tennis, getting active is what’s most important.

Ladies try a core workout to mix up their fitness routine.


Whether you are an avid exerciser, a weekend warrior, or sporadic with your workouts, trying these fitness classes may help add variety and interest back into your routine.

1. Boot Camp Style Workouts – Boot camp classes are usually a mix of high-intensity movements combined with basic strength training like push ups, squats, lunges, pull ups and more. Most boot camp workouts provide great variety in the workout and the workouts vary each time. Changing the actual exercises you are performing grabs the attention of the participants eliminating the chances of getting bored and uninterested. Book camps are done in a group setting which can provide an atmosphere for support and camaraderie.

2. Dance Classes – Do you love to dance? So many people underestimate the positive qualities of dance. Whether you like hip hop, salsa, ballet or even a more standard zumba class, dance offers an array classes that appeal to many people. Plus, you’ll benefit from moving your body in different directions (planes of motion), using muscles you may not always use, challenging your balance and coordination and strengthening your core. For so many people, dance classes don’t feel like working out because you’re usually moved by the music and focusing on the steps. Whatever the case, dance is a great way to challenge your body in different ways and burn some calories!

3. TRX Suspension – I have to be honest – I LOVE the TRX. It’s such a fantastic tool that you can use in many different places and can travel with you too. Training with the TRX suspension system utilizes the method of leveraged bodyweight. There are long adjustable bands that you use to complete exercises. Because of the suspension, workouts using the TRX combine balance, strength, and coordination. The great thing about TRX is that you can use it in  your home, at a park or where ever you can hook the suspension system up safely.

4. Nia – This uplifting workout blends the fun and funk of dance, the precision and power of martial arts, and the peace of meditation. This class is  the perfect way to calm your inner self while moving and burning calories at the  same time.

5. Kickboxing – Is there a better way to let off some steam than by kicking and punching? Kickboxing is a fantastic workout that utilizes your entire body. This is a fat-blasting, muscle strengthening, more cardio based spin off of martial arts. It’s fantastic for cardio, strength, coordination and balance. Plus, for many people, it doesn’t feel as much like a workout because it requires focus and precision. You’ve got to have your head in the game when you’re kickboxing which makes it focused and fun!

6. Water Aerobics – I know what you’re thinking – water aerobics? Hear me out on this one. If you can find a HIIT or boot camp water class, it’ll be worth your while. What most people don’t realize is that the water provides 100% resistance against every part of your body. If you can participate in a class that’s intense enough, this is a fantastic way to challenge your body and burn a ton of calories without the major impact of traditional HIIT or boot camp classes. So, for those of you who have injuries or pain, water is a great place for your workouts.

7. HIIT classes – I talk about intensity with our guests and clients all of the time. If you’re not getting high intensity into your workouts a few times a week, you might be missing out. High intensity interval training classes keep the heart rate up for short periods of time and bring it back down. This constant up and  down with the heart rate keeps you burning serious calories, taxing muscles and sweating the whole time. Not only will you burn calories during the class but your metabolism will be boosted burning calories for a longer period throughout the day. Look for HIIT, Tabata and Metabolic Training classes for a good does of high intensity training.

8. Cycle-Yoga class – Cycling and yoga unite in this head-to-toe, athletic workout. Teachers combine 30 minutes of cycling with 30 minutes of Power Yoga (lots of jump backs and Warrior poses) to optimize balance, flexibility and  strength. Combo classes like Cycle-Yoga provide high intensity training with the  power and flexibility of power yoga. It’s a perfect way to get the best of both worlds and keep the workout interesting. Plus, most people don’t think about adding in flexibility which is so important for range of motion, joint mobility and even power. This is a killer combo because you get the triple threat – cardio, strength and flexibility. If you can’t find a combo class in your area, try finding a schedule that offers back to back cycle + yoga classes.

9. Kettlebell Training – Kettlebells are used throughout the workout to  build strength, endurance, flexibility, and core strength. The Kettlebell is easy to hold and moves with you as you perform different movements. It’s also a great departure from the traditional way of strength training with dumb bells. Mixing up your workouts and movements is important to keep your body guessing and keep yourself interested in what you’re doing. For those that are already strength training and those that need to add it in, kettlebells are a great way to mix it up and keep workouts fun.

10. Ballet Barre – Ballet Barre is all the rage right now. Depending on the class (they vary in method a little depending on the studio), most barre classes include a combination of ballet, pilates, toning with light weights and flexibility. Ballet Barre is a great way to get in a challenging workout without the jumping and jarring of many other workouts. For those that need or want to focus on toning and core, this is definitely a must try for you.



It’s always a good idea whether you’ve been working out for years are new to fitness, to keep things interesting. Throwing in new workouts here and there is a fantastic way to expose yourself to new ways to move and challenge your body in different ways – eliminating the possibility of a plateau. Whatever you do, do what you love. Working out shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something you actually like to do. So whether walking is your thing or CrossFit is your first love, do what motivates you to workout.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

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