10 Ways To Fit In Workouts While Traveling

Ladies doing lunges on the beach during their vacation.


If you’re wanting to keep up with your fitness regimen while on the go, you’re in luck. There are so many ways to stay active while traveling. So wether you’re heading out for a fun vacation or work travel, we’ve got you covered. These workouts – many of which don’t require any equipment – can be done anywhere. No excuses to not get your workout in while on the road! Our 10 ways to workout while traveling offer ideas and inspiration into how you can get your workout on while out and about.

  1. Walk – You can walk anywhere, anytime. It’s so easy to get up and use your legs. Take a brisk walk for your health and even to see your surrounding area. It’s the perfect way to explore where you’re at in addition to getting in a workout. 

  2. Bodyweight – Use what you got! Squats, lunges, push ups, dips, pull-ups, planks and so many more bodyweight exercises are perfect for travel. You can do these in your hotel room, at a park or even in the hotel gym. Using your own body weight plus a little intensity is a simple, non-complicated way to keep up your fitness. Try Fitdeck which is a deck of cards with workout movements on each card. It’s portable, easy to carry and an easy way to structure your workout.

  3. Run – If you’re a runner you probably dread missing your daily outlet. Luckily, in 2018, you don’t have to! Not only can you run anywhere but you can also map out your runs before you arrive to your destination. There are plenty of apps to keep you in the loop about the best runs in a particular area. Like walking, running is not only a great way to get in your daily sweat session but it’s the perfect way to see the area you’re visiting. 

  4. Hotel Gym – Hotel gyms aren’t always the most appealing option but luckily many of them have come a long way. Whether it’s the best gym set up or not, most hotel gyms have a few pieces of cardio equipment as well as some free weights. You can get in an easy strength workout, a quick 20 minute cardio session or mix it up going back and forth between strength and cardio. 

  5. Find a Gym – I love finding interesting gyms in places I visit. It’s kind of like a little adventure to visit a new gym. I like to search prior to arrival to find all of the gyms in the area I’m traveling to so I can scope out a hip, new place to try out. 

  6. Try a New Class – This goes along with finding a new gym but traveling is not only a great time to try a new gym but also to try a new class or workout. You don’t know anyone, it’s a fresh new place to sweat in so why not try something totally new? Whether you try a boot camp style class, pilates, yoga, dance or martial arts, there’s not a better time to get out of your comfort zone than when you’re out of your own environment. 

  7. Yoga on the Go – Check out a website that offers yoga classes online. Just make sure to tote your iPad, tablet or laptop with you so you can participate from wherever you are. Get your yoga on in your room, in a park or at the beach.

  8. Get Active In Your Environment – I love seeing the sights in any place I’m traveling to. Sometimes I want to be active but not in the traditional workout sense. So I might rent a bike, rent a paddle board, take a walking tour or just walk around on my own time to learn about the area. 

  9. Sprints – Sprints make for a wonderful HIIT workout. You can do them anywhere you have room, in the stairwell or at a gym. Get your heart rate up, challenge your body and torch fat with sprints. 

  10. Work On Your Core – If you’re limited to a smaller space, core work is the perfect way to move your body because you don’t need a lot of space. You can get a great, challenging workout in with core work. Planks, side planks, Russian twists, supermans, leg lowers, bear crawls and wood chops are all great moves that work your core but more than just your abs. So grab a travel mat and get your core on!

So no matter the case, no matter where you’re traveling or why you’re traveling, working out can be part of your adventures. Most of all, keep your workouts fun and movement that you actually like to do. Enjoy yourself!

If you need additional ideas, go to our Fitness + Movement section of the blog or search “workouts” in the search bar on the right. We’ve got a ton of workouts you can do at home or anywhere on this website!

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