Popular Retreat Questions

Guests working out on the beach during their retreat.


Have questions about Vita Vie Retreat? We know you want to know and understand everything before you arrive so we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ve answered questions about arrival day, check out day and what to bring to the retreat.



What Days Can I Check In?
Retreats begin on Mondays + Thursdays for 3, 4, 5 or 6 nights.

What Time Do I Arrive On My First Day?
You’ll want to be on property by 2pm on your arrival day. Program check in time is 2pm with your first class or session beginning at approximately 2:30 or 3pm.

When Do I Check Out?
Hotel check out is 11am. On your check out day, you will have your last additional classes all ending before 11am. Please schedule flights accordingly.

How Many People Will Be in a Boot Camp Group?
We limit our group size to 8 – 10 people each week. Generally we have anywhere from 6 – 10 people depending on the week and time of year.

Do You Provide Equipment?
Yes! We provide all equipment, yoga mats, etc. You just need to bring yourself, a water bottle, plenty of workout wear and your personal items.

Do You Have a Suggested Packing List?

  • Water Bottle (there is a filtered water cooler in the fitness center to fill bottles)

  • Two pairs of workout shoes (one for indoors and one for the beach)

  • Workout Wear

  • Casual Clothing for Dining

  • All Medications

  • Inhalers ( You MUST have this with you if you have asthma!)

  • Toiletries

  • Bathing Suit (for recreational purposes only)

  • Sunglasses

  • Band Aids (for blisters…just in case!)

  • Magazines & Books.

Why Should I Choose Vita Vie Retreat?
Our main focus and goal is to make our program the best it can be and provide our clients the best experience possible for their particular goal. We focus on education, motivation and all things in moderation. We promote healthy lifestyles and achieving weight loss the old fashioned way…not with a quick fix. We are committed to our clients during the retreat as well as after the retreat. Our trainers and team members are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible. We suggest you do as much research as possible to determine which retreat is right for you.

Is There a Doctor, Therapist or Psychologist on Staff?
No. We are not a medical program and do not employ any medical personnel. In addition, we do not have therapists and or psychologists on staff. Any persons with major medical issues or addiction issues that are not already under control and under the supervision of a doctor should consider a medical retreat.

What If I Have Food Allergies?
Our menu is primarily comprised of fresh vegetables and fruit in combination fish such as salmon, snapper and shrimp as well as chicken and some beef. You may substitute protein (chicken for salmon, etc) if need be as well as other ingredients on salads, etc. The kitchen is generally very accommodating for special requests. It is best to contact us prior to arrival with any questions/requests regarding food allergies or special needs.

What Is the Average Age of Participants?
We have guests of all ages. Our age range is typically mid 30’s to mid 60’s but we welcome all ages.

What Is the Ratio of Men to Women?
The ration is 6 women to 1 man. We welcome both men and women in our programs.

Do People Come Alone?
Yes. 85% of our clients come by themselves.

Is There an Age Minimum?
Yes, you must be at least 21 years old to participate by yourself and check into the hotel. All participants under 21 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.

Who is Fit for Vita Vie Retreat?
We have clients of all age ranges and fitness levels. Our programs allow you to work at your own pace. We do encourage clients to begin working out prior to arrival and do not accept clients with major medical issues. Clients should have all physical and medical issues, if any, under control and the supervision of a doctor before attending.

Why Do People Come to Vita Boot Camp?
Our guests come for all reasons including weight loss, strength gain, improve endurance, regain energy, stress reduction, active vacation and more.