10 Easy Healthy Snacks To Take On The Go

Homemade granola bars are easy snacks to take on the go.

Healthy, unrefined snacks are often times hard to find. Healthy snacks that are packaged and easy to take on the go are even harder come by. If you’re like me, you’ve searched high and low for easy bites that can be transported easily, don’t have to be stored in a refrigerator and actually taste good. How hard can that be? Well, it turns out it’s getting easier than you think. With the paleo, vegan, gluten free and whole food revolutions, these types of snacks are popping up everywhere. From gourmet to super simple, we’ve got 10 easy unrefined snacks that you can take on the go – and they are actually delicious!


These are some of my ultimate favorites. Of course, I still love raw nuts, raw cheese with a half piece of fruit, hard boiled eggs and more. These options are quick and easy to grab on the go.


RxBar Real Food Protein Bars

100% Natural Ingredients – RxBar makes a delicious protein bar with 8 ingredients or less in each. They’re grain free, sugar free, gluten free, soy free and dairy free. Plus, they’re loaded with superfoods. Choose from chocolate sea salt, coconut cacao, blueberry, coffee cacao, peanut butter, apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Approx $23

Get Them: RxBar Protein Bars

Blueberry Power Snacks by Nativas Naturals

These little power snacks are perfect on their own or to top on yogurt. They’re delicious and full of goodness. Made mostly from nuts, seeds and dates, they also contain hemp powder, maca powder and camu camu powder.

Approx: $7

Get Them: Blueberry Power Snacks

Epic “Jerky” Bar Bites

Epic bar bites are by far the BEST “jerky” I’ve ever tasted. All of the flavors have been delicious. The beef with cranberry & sriracha is really good…so good I buy it every week. Plus, they’re made from grass-fed beef.

Approx: $12

Get Them: Epic Bar Bites

Paleo Thin Crackers

How often have you wanted something a little crunchy but free of refined flours and other additives? Look no further because these paleo think crackers are perfect! Pair them with your favorite uncured meats or raw cheese. Delicious!

Approx: $11

Get Them: Paleo Thin Crackers


Honestly, Larabar has always been one of my favorite brands for their unrefined ingredient list. Not only do they use just a few simple ingredients in each bar but they’ve always only included ingredients that you know and understand. Apple Pie is my favorite but I really like all of the flavors and I really dig the minis. They come in full size bars as well as the mini version.

Approx: $9

Get Them: Larabar

Healthy protein bars are easy to take on the go.

Rhythm Kale Chips

Mmmm…ranch kale chips? Yes, please! I love kale chips – especially any nacho or ranch flavored ones. They’re a great healthy snack and pack a ton of nutrients. Now, some people will wonder why buy them when you can make them. Can I make them? Yes. Will I make them? Probably not. So why not keep it simple and purchase? I keep a few bags of these on hand always. They’re a great alternative to chips or snacky junk foods.

Approx: $21 (4 pack)

Get Them: Rhythm Kale Chips



KIND Bars are similar to Larabars for me in the respect that I really love the ingredient lists. Although KIND definitely adds more ingredients, they’re always items that you can pronounce and have heard of before. They also limit the amount of sugar so you can know that you’re getting a bar that’s not a disguise for a gooey, unhealthy treat. Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt is my absolute favorite but they have many delicious flavors.

Approx: $14 (12 count)

Get Them: KIND Bars


Primal Thin Crackers – Organic Parmesan

I realize these are the second type of crackers on this list but when you need a fancier cracker to pair with olives, fermented veggies, uncured meats or other snacks, these are perfect. Of course, they’re perfect for simple snacking too at home or at the office (or anywhere).

Approx: $11

Get Them: Primal Thin Crackers


Grain Free Granola

Grab a handful or top your favorite coconut yogurt with this awesome grain free granola. Made from almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, coconut chips and nuts, you’ll never miss the oats!

Approx: $12

Get It: Grain Free Granola


Better Than Coffee Energy Bars

Power up your afternoon with a Better Than Coffee Health Energy Bar! Seriously – these things pack a punch. With natural caffeine, guarana and maca, these bars also contain 70% organic dark chocolate. They’re gluten free, non-GMO, low in sugar, low in sodium and high in protein.

Approx: $24 (box of 12)

Get Them: Better Than Coffee Health Energy Bar

We hope you were able to get some good ideas for healthy snacks on the go from this blog post. Ultimately, you have to choose what you like, what’s healthy and what works for you and your goals.

If you need personalized guidance, check out our Health & Wellness coaching or join us for a fitness retreat to jumpstart your healthy regimen!

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