5 Simple Containers That Make Food Prep Easy

A mason jar is great for food prepping salads and smoothies.


How many of you food prep weekly? If you’re like me, a few hours a week is what it takes to get prepared for the week ahead. I generally do a Sunday food prep for two – three days worth of meals and then I’ll do a midweek food prep for the rest of the week. This helps me organize, maximizes my time and allows me to change my mind in terms of what I want to eat for the next few days. I’ve found in the past that if I food prep on Sunday for an entire week, I end up wasting food. By Tuesday, I don’t want to eat what I had planned for the rest of the week. So I keep it simple and do what works for me. While, I truly don’t love to food prep (yes, I’m admitting it), it is a MUST or my week can take a wrong turn in a hurry. I’ve got to be prepared and have food ready to go or “take out” screams my name.

To make life a little easier, I have figured out my “go to” food prep items. I now know which containers I like best and how I like to store my prepared eats. Some of these items might already be in your house. Do what works for you. Here are my favorites and a few tips on which foods I use them for.


Large Mason Jars

Large mason jars are my go to for many things. I love to use them for salads. (Tip: Stick your dressing in a small 2 oz container and include it inside the mason jar. Open and pour in when you’re ready to eat). I love them to store smoothies or protein shakes (keep the lid on for a great travel container). I also use them for broth, soups and to store nuts and homemade trail mix. They’re not expensive so investing in a few mason jars won’t break you. Get them here: Mason Jars


Small Mason Jars

With the smaller mason jars (16 oz or smaller), I like to store things like overnight oats, overnight chia, breakfast parfaits, and condiments like homemade salad dressings, homemade sauces and more. I usually use the 16 ozsize for things like overnight oats, parfaits or yogurt and fruit. I also have the 4 oz size on hand for condiments although I also use the 16 oz for those as well if I’m making a big batch.

Tip: I also label my mason jars with these chalkboard stickers. I label the item and the date. That way I know what the item is (especially if it’s a condiment) and when I made it.

Bento Lunch Boxes

These are so functional and they’re made of glass (other substances available) so they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, etc. I love the separate compartments that bento boxes include. If you need to separate out items, these are the perfect remedy. I like these for lunches and even snacks on the go. Choose which ingredient goes in each compartment and store until you’re ready to use.

Get it: Bento Lunch Box


Life Factory Glass Food Containers

I’ve been using Life Factory for a while. I am kind of picky about what I use for storage in terms of any chemicals that could possible leach into my food. I tend to choose glass and stainless steel whenever possible. These are some of my favorite food storage containers and they come in different sizes/colors so you can color code if that’s your thing.

Go: Life Factory Glass Containers


Preserve Food Storage

This is my one exception to the plastic rule. Preserve’s food storage containers are 100% recycled made from bpa-free plastics and they are 100% made in the USA. The smaller containers are great for snacks and things like nuts, seeds or dried fruit.

Get them: Preserve Food Storage


Now, it’s time to get to food prepping! These are some of my favorite containers but use what works for you and your family.

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