4 Tips: How To Get Your Workouts In During The Holidays

Family getting in a quick 20 minute bodyweight workout at home during the holidays.


If you’re like me, you want to get your workouts in no matter what. Or maybe you have a specific goal that and you want to stay on course with your workouts even during the holidays. No matter your reason, sometimes it can be hard to be active with family and friends around 24/7.

Maintaining your fitness regimen is important for a sound body and mind. Finding the time to work out during the holiday season always seems to be somewhat of a challenge. It’s always tough with holiday get togethers, work parties and having friends and family in town to find time for working out. Whether you’re trying to plan your workouts during holiday time or time starved in general, these tips will help you keep up with your workouts during even the busiest times of the year.



1. Time Cap – Limit your workouts to a shorter amount of time. 20 or 30 minutes might be all you can get in. Not satisfied with that? Here’s the thing – a 20 minute workout is better than no workout, right? There is a lot you can get done in 20 minutes. Some of the best, most intense workouts are done in 20 minutes. They not only satisfy your daily requirement for movement but also rev up your metabolism for a longer period of time after your workout.

Try HIIT or throwing in some Tabata into a shorter workout. You’ll challenge yourself, burn calories and satisfy your inner workout warrior all at the same time. Plus, these shorter workouts are easy to sneak in before your guests get up, in between your child’s classroom holiday party and your work party or any convenient space during the day.

Here’s a quick 20 Minute Cardio Workout that can be done on any cardio machine (or outside if necessary).

This workout uses the PRE (perceived rating of exertion) on a scale of 1 – 10.

1 is easy meaning you aren’t challenged at all and 10 means you couldn’t work any harder.

Increased intensity can be done with speed, incline or resistance (or any combination).

Warm Up – 2 Mins (moderate pace – 4)

1 Min – 5

1 Min – 6

1 Min – 7

1 Min – 8 (this should be REALLY challenging!!)

*repeat the 4 minute interval 4x total

Cool Down – 2 Mins (moderate pace – 4)

2. Get Involved – Instead of working out alone, try getting your holiday guests involved. Invite others to take a walk before breakfast or after dinner. It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends while being active at the same time. Go on a hike in the woods (weather provided) or take the family ice skating. Getting active together is fun and promotes a healthy lifestyle during the holidays.

3. Take Turns – Rotate workout times with your spouse, sibling or significant other. Rotating workout times allows you to get in the type of workout you’d like to get in while allowing the other person/s to spend time with family and/or friends. So you’d like to go to a 90 minute power yoga class? Great, that means your other half, sister or parent can entertain while you get your sweat on. Want to run 5 miles? You’ve got the time because your counterpart/s can cover while you’re running like the wind. Rotate with spouses, significant others, older children (of adult age) or who ever you’d like.

4. Try Something New – Get everyone involved in a new activity. Try a holiday 5k (walk or run) for those that may not be adventurous. Try an outdoor activity such as skiing or snow shoeing if in a cold climate or kayaking in a warm climate. A new game that requires some type of activity in between rounds is also such a great idea. An example would be to play Pictionary and ask players to perform jumping jacks or squats in between players. Go on a scavenger hunt or see how many steps you can get in a day as a family to keep everyone active and occupied.

Get creative with your options for working out when the holiday season is in full swing. Whether you need to shorten your workouts or try another alternative, make sure to move! You’ll be happier and healthier both mentally and physically throughout the holiday season as long as you continue to move your body.

If you need personalized guidance and motivation, check out our Health & Wellness Coaching. We offer coaching online and for local clients as well. You can also join us for one of our fitness retreats to jumpstart your way into healthy habits!

We hope these tips help you. Please comment below with any questions. Best in Health & Wellness - Margot + The Vita Vie Retreat Team


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Clients participating in a new class as part of a way to get workouts in during the holidays.