Fitness Retreat Updates: Weight Loss, Weather & More

Weight loss boot camp guests enjoy running on the beach during their vacation.

June Updates At Vita Vie Retreat

Summer is a beautiful time at the retreat and it’s approaching fast this year. This morning brought some warm temps. Luckily, we still had a breeze which made for a perfect morning of workouts on the beach. If you’re looking for a fitness getaway, now is a great time to join us! We always adjust the schedule based on the current weather when it starts heating up. This year, we’re trying a new strategy along with our need to be outside earlier in the morning. In addition, we’ve got a few other updates including our June retreat sale, new Vita Quick Assessment and additional fitness sessions. Keep reading to find out the scoop!

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NEW! Vita Quick Assessment - Weight Loss, Health & Tracking

We’ve just introduced our new Vita Quick Assessment. These will be performed for our private fitness retreats as well as Vita Boot Camp. Always optional, these will be performed at the end of your stay. You’ll get a card that provides your body measurements, body fat %, body age, muscle mass, BMR and visceral fat. This way, if you have weight loss, health or fitness goals, you can go home and use the information accordingly.

This is information that you can use to continue tracking once you arrive back home. Information is always a good thing. It gives you a baseline, a starting point and something to measure — especially if you have goals you want to meet.

Why just do it at the end of the stay? Our stays are 3 - 6 nights for the most part. It’s enough time to get a great jumpstart but not enough time to see long term results. It’s important to base your stay off of how you feel, if you have more energy, your mental reset, what you learned and that fact that you will feel inspired and motivated to go home and continue. So providing a quick assessment satisfies the need to give you as much as we can during your retreat and provide you with some much needed information that you can use for the future.

Stretch session at fitness retreat on the beach.


In case you haven’t seen the announcement on the home page or our rates & dates page, we’re having a HUGE sale for June! Take an additional $50 off 3 nights, $150 off 4 nights, $200 off 5 nights and $250 off 6 nights. Must register by June 15, 2019. Must complete your retreat by June 29, 2019.

Learn More & For Current Retreat Offerings: Rates & Dates


Vita Boot Camp now offers the option to choose one of the following with your retreat:

  • 1 hour assisted stretch session

  • 1 personal training session

  • 1 health coaching session

  • 50 minute spa treatment

Our private fitness retreats already include one 50 minute spa treatment and the option to choose between a health coaching session, meals made simple and plateau breaker.


As we heat up in June, July and August, we will be altering the boot camp and private retreat schedules. We will be outside in the early morning when the temps are cooler and inside in the afternoon. Vita Boot Camp will have a few 7-7:30am classes as a “fasted” start to the day with a break for breakfast afterwards. We will only have approximately two early classes per week. The other days at out boot camp vacation will allow for a little later start. Either way, we’ll be enjoying the beach like we always do — we just want to make sure we are safe and effective at the same time.


You can now add on additional fitness, assisted stretch and health coaching sessions for Vita Boot Camp. We have a slightly reduced the rate when you purchase in advance on the registration form. Sessions can be purchased for the regular rate once you arrive at the retreat as well.

We added in this feature so our guests can customize their retreat. Whether your goal is weight loss, more energy or to establish a plan when you get home, we can help with our well rounded list of sessions. Add on as many sessions as you’d like.

Our private fitness retreats are fully customized for you and your goals. You are also more than welcome to add on extra sessions for your individual retreat as well.

Go To: Health & Nutrition Coaching

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We hope to see you at Vita Vie Retreat for an active vacation or to enjoy the results of a weight loss retreat. Summer is a fantastic time of year to be at the retreat. It’s sunny the majority of the year, the ocean is usually calm and inviting and the town is on a low buzz with seasonal vacationers. The beach is calling for you to come get fit with us!