Personal Training

30 MINUTES $40 • 55 MINUTES $75

Focus on you and your goal. A certified personal trainer will create a workout based on you and your goal. Workouts may include cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance and stability as well as light flexibility work based on your needs.

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Golf Fitness Training

30 MINUTES $45 • 55 MINUTES $80

Most golfers view golf as a game of technical skill rather than a highly athletic event. For this reason, they don’t normally train for golf. Did you know that an amateur golfer achieves 90% of their peak muscle activity when driving the golf ball? This is equal to a 4 rep max! Train for your game and work on the golf fundamentals of strength, power, stability, separation and flexibility.

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Deep Stretch

30 MINUTES $50 • 60 MINUTES $90

Ready to feel relaxed and tension free within your body? The deep stretch (assisted stretch) session is aimed at releasing tight and achy muscle and connective tissues. A hands on approach, your deep stretch practitioner will stretch you to release chronic tension and discomfort, while addressing joint and muscular areas that need to be focused on.

A range of stretching techniques may be used based on your goals, preferences and problem areas to soothe and restore sore muscles and promote quick recovery from activity.

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30 MINUTES $40 • 55 MINUTES $75

Enjoy the benefits of stretch + restore through a blend of flexibility techniques to suit your needs. We’ll craft a flexibility session for you, your goals and how your body responds to different types of stretching. We may use dynamic flexibility (flexibility though motion), static stretching and/or myofascial release to meet your needs.

Release achy muscles, improve range of motion, improve posture and enhance athletic performance with flexibility training.

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Balance Training

30 MINUTES $40 | 55 MINUTES $75

Develop the mind body connection with balance training. Through a blend of different balance training techniques, we’ll help you improve your strength, balance and coordination in order to help improve overall balance and proprioception.

Based on your goals, whether they be for everyday balance or for a sport specific activity, we’ll use even and uneven surfaces as well as varied movement patterns to help restore or improve strength and stability.

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