10 Simple Paleo Snacks

Almonds are a simple paleo snack.


Paleo eating, in general, is pretty simple. It’s not that complicated to implement and is really a diet rich in whole foods. Eating paleo eliminates all processed foods, dairy, legumes and grains. There are a few other nuances to eating paleo but that’s for a whole different post. I’m assuming if you’re here reading this blog post, you probably already know how to eat paleo and you’re looking for solutions for snacks. Which is exactly why I’m writing this post!

While I’m not necessarily a paleo eater all of the time, I do adopt a whole food way of eating and many of the meals and snacks that I eat are considered paleo. We also encounter many people at our fitness retreat who are eating a paleo or whole food based diet. Snacks aren’t always the easiest thing to grab – especially if you’ve gone paleo. It seems like most of the snacks out there are full of junk, loaded with carbs or laden with sugar. Everywhere you turn there’s a cookie or cracker but quality sources of protein, fat and good carbs are fairly hard to come by. I’ve searched high and low and been able to find some great paleo snacks that you don’t even have to make. They can be taken or toted anywhere with you – even on the go!


Epic Jerky Bites – I discovered Epic Jerky Bites while picking up snacks for a beach vacation. I was looking for jerky that wasn’t loaded with a bunch of junk so we could have a good source of protein. These make a perfect paleo snack. The chicken sesame bbq bites are my absolute favorite but all of the flavors were really good. Epic makes the perfect sample pack so you can taste all of the flavors and decide which one is your favorite.

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars – Ok if you haven’t tried bulletproof collagen bars yet and you’re a paleo eater – what are you waiting for? They are my absolute favorite paleo snack bars. I’ve tried so many paleo bars because they’re usually a lot cleaner than any other protein bars. I’ll be honest, they’re have such a different texture than I’ve ever had in a protein bar but they are delicious. They’re a little like a crumbly cookie and oh so good. My favorite flavors are Vanilla Shortbread, Lemon Cookie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 12g protein | 5g of fiber

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Bars – Another go to for me are the Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein bars. Again, kind of like the bulletproof bars (not in taste or texture) they’re clean eating, and have a ton of nutrients that you can take on the go with you – a win win for me. Plus, they have 15g of protein and 11g of fiber.

Raw Almonds – I love raw almonds as a snack on the go. They’re so simple to take, require no refrigeration and you barely have to use any energy to eat them. Raw nuts in general are a fantastic paleo snack but I prefer almonds. Pick your favorite and enjoy!

Dang Caramel Sea Salt Toasted Coconut Chips – Yes, please! Have you had these? These toasted coconut chips are sooooo good. Another great paleo snack and they don’t require any work. No refrigeration, easy to eat and easy to store. I love to eat them plain but I also add them to protein shakes and top chia seed pudding with them too!

Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips – When I want something crunchy, I go for these kale chips. I’m in love with Kool Ranch and Zesty Nacho. They’re just the right amount of salty and crispy and satisfy that need for chips. The best thing is that they’re way healthier yet still taste great!

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers – I was fairly reluctant to try these to be honest. I haven’t had the best luck with almond flour snacks. They seem to be super dry or not crunchy enough – never the perfect balance. Well, I tried these Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers and am so glad I did. A friend told me about them and they’re definitely the best paleo cracker I’ve had to date.  They come in a few different flavors but I’ve only tried the rosemary & sea salt which are delicious.

Maple Vanilla Coco-Roons – Looking for something a little sweet but still paleo friendly? If you haven’t tried Coco-Roons, they’re awesome little bite sized pieces of goodness. I love coconut which is probably why I love these. The vanilla maple are just the right amount of sweet for me without going overboard. I highly recommend. They do need to be refrigerated after opening so not quite as versatile as some of the other snacks but they’re worth it.

Honey Pecan Grain Free Granola – I love granola in general so when grain free granola started coming into the market place, I was a happy camper. This Honey Pecan granola is another great paleo snack. You can eat it plain just as a snack or with some almond milk for a snack or breakfast. Kitchfix’s grain free granolas are really good and they offer a few different flavors like vanilla berry and cocoa sea salt to name a few.

Plantain Chips – Hello paleo chips! I was super skeptical of plantain chips. I’d seen them everywhere. Some of my favorite paleo foodies are always touting them but I ignored the recommendations. Then, one day I was a the store and grabbed a bag. They’re so good. No, they’re not like a tortilla chip or a potato chip but they’re a crispy, crunchy chip and they’re pretty mild. They go great with salsa or any other paleo snack dip you whip up. I keep them in my pantry regularly now as another crunchy option.

I hope this article has given you some good ideas for paleo snacks. Keep it simple and stock up on a few things that can be easily taken on the go or eaten quickly in a pinch.

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