Total Body Boot Camp Workout

Boot camp workout on the beach.

Retreat Workout: Total Body Boot Camp

A few weeks ago we did a really great bodyweight workout at the beach during one of the morning sessions of Vita Boot Camp. Everyone agreed it hit all the right spots, challenged them in a number of ways and they felt that fatigue that feels good and bad all at the same time. I like to share the actual workouts we do in Vita Boot Camp every so often. Not only is it a great way for our boot camp vacation guests to replicate the workout and do it at home but it also gives all of you a chance to experience some of the real workouts we do at the retreat.

Obviously, you can’t replicate a workout in the sand unless you have sand accessible to you at home. The intensity of the sand takes any workout up a notch. If you asked any of our past boot camp guests, they’d tell you that even walking in the sand is a chore. It’s tough but oh so worth it as not only does working out on it burn up to 50% more calories but it challenges balance, strengthens feet and ankles and helps take some of the impact out of it with a soft surface to land. If you have a beach nearby or a sand volleyball court, that would be optimal. If not, try your backyard or a park with grass to add in the element of an uneven surface.

A few tips if you try this workout:

  • Always warm up. We do a pretty extensive warm up for the morning session of our boot camp. It may include a dynamic warm up, light intervals, foam rolling and more. Warm up however you prefer. Just make sure to get nice and warm prior to beginning the workout - that means a different type of warm up and duration for each one of you as every body is different. Bottom line, your heart rate should be elevated a little and you should feel warm and ready to tackle a substantial workout.

  • Modify as needed. Each person is at a different level physically as well. We always modify for all fitness levels during Vita Boot Camp. You should do the same for yourself with this workout. For example, if the workout says jump squats but you can’t jump then modify down to intense air squats or weighted squats without jumping. It’s important to work at your own level for you and your body. Modify movements as you see fit.

  • Cool down and add a little bit of flexibility. Many people just do a cool down like a short walk or jog to end their workout. It’s also a great idea to add in a little bit of flexibility or foam rolling to help your muscles recover and return to their pre-workout length. You could do dynamic flexibility, static stretching or foam rolling. Mornings at our fitness camp end with either a dynamic warm down, static stretching or myofacial release. We like to make sure we teach all of those strategies so guests have options once they return home.

Boot camp speed run on the sand.
Total body boot camp workout rotating planks.

The Total Body Workout


Push Ups - 30 seconds of push ups + 20 seconds rest x 4

Squats - 30 seconds of squat jumps + 20 seconds rest x 4

Speed Jacks (fast jumping jacks) - 30 seconds of speed jacks + 20 seconds rest x 4

Active Recovery - 30 second - 1 Minute Break (walking, step touch, jog, etc)


Plank w/Alternating Leg Raise - 30 seconds of plank leg raise + 20 seconds of rest x 4

Forward Alternating Lunges - 30 seconds of reverse lunges + 20 seconds rest x 4

Speed Run (fast feet in place) - 30 seconds of speed run + 20 seconds rest x 4

Active Recovery - 30 second - 1 Minute Break (walking, step touch, jog, etc)


Bridge w/Alternating Leg Raise - 30 seconds bridge leg raise + 20 seconds break x 4

Rotating Plank - 30 seconds rotating plank + 20 seconds break x 4

Side Lunges (alternating) - 30 seconds alternating side lunges + 20 seconds break x 4

1, 2, 3 Lateral High Knees (3 high knees right, 3 high knees left and repeat) - 30 seconds lateral high knees + 20 seconds break x 4

CIRCUIT 4 - Sprints!
This sprint circuit is only for those that can/want and feel strong enough to add in this high intensity work at the end of this total body boot camp.

Sprints x 10 - Each sprint should be 30 seconds to 1 minute followed by enough recovery time to bring the heart rate down and recover to a level where you can talk and breathe pretty normally.

Modify: If you aren’t up for sprints, you can modify this to a power walk, a light jog or even a run. You can also reduce the number of intervals that you do. Maybe you just do 3 - 5 instead of 10. Work within your limits!

Boot camp guests do squats on the beach during bodyweight workout.


The point of this total body boot camp workout was to hit lower body, upper body, core and get your heart rate up. You’ll shape and tone your full body and condition your heart and lungs — a great way to get the most out of your workout! We love using the beach to add intensity and challenge your body in different ways. Like I said earlier in this post, if you don’t have a beach, find a yard or park that you can use. It’s better to do the workout on an uneven surface rather than a finished area like a gym floor, basketball court or paved space. Most importantly, have fun, move your body and burn some calories! That’s what it’s all about right?

We hope you enjoy the workout. Let us know if you have any comments or questions by leaving them in the comment section below.


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