Fitness Retreat Recap: Mid June 2019

Fitness retreat ladies do morning beach workout.

Recapping The Retreat Mid June

Summer at the retreat is always a fun time of year. It’s typically a little slower in town during this time of the season which makes it fun to walk around and explore at ease. There are still people buzzing around for Summer vacations and this past weekend was busy with Father’s Day. All of that being said, it’s a little slower around Delray Beach this time of the year and the vibe is pretty relaxed.

The weather is heating up a little bit but the mornings have stayed cool for the most part so getting outside in the early part of the day has been really pleasant. Plus, we usually have a breeze no matter what time of year it is so it makes it feel a little less hot with our constant air movement. Our breeze also makes for relaxing afternoons spent at the Seagate Beach Club under a beach umbrella or at the club’s pool. Beaching it after the morning’s classes is one of the favorite activities of our fitness retreat guests. You can also have lunch at the beach club so it’s perfect to spend the break there before returning for afternoon classes.

One of the great things about our retreat is that we have so many interesting people coming each week. They come from all over the country (and the world) and come together because of some like minded views. Most people are here to jumpstart their healthy habits again, improve their fitness level, de-stress and bump their weight loss up a notch. It’s a group that’s usually diverse but they’re all looking to get healthier and feel better. Out of this culture comes many different conversations about health, nutrition, fitness and wellness. I write these recaps from time to time to let you in on the topics covered because I’m sure many of you out there have some of the same questions. In addition, it gives those that are interested in one of our fitness getaways the chance to get a glimpse of the inner workings of our programs.

Fitness retreat strength workout on the beach.

Here are a few key points discussed during the first couple of weeks this month (June 2019):

Keto - I can’t tell you how many questions I get about doing the Keto diet. First of all, I think we are all different with different nutritional needs. Because of that, I don’t think any one diet works for everyone — no cookie cutter programs, please. Secondly, I do think Keto works really well for some people but you may have to try it out to see if you’re one that responds well to this style of eating. For people that are carbohydrate sensitive, it may work pretty well. Obviously, there are other factors that need to be considered. Thirdly, What I do know (because I’ve tried Keto myself) is that you have to be pretty diligent about tracking what you take in to get the rations right. It’s best to use one of the keto apps out there and literally record everything that goes into your mouth because it takes work to actually get into ketosis. Keto is a lifestyle. If you’re someone who’s looking to just lose weight rapidly temporarily, this isn’t for you. If you’re seriously interested in keto, I suggest doing some research on it. Get to know what it requires and figure out if it’s doable for you. Here’s a great resource: Is The Keto Diet Safe?

There is a difference between “dirty” Keto and “clean” Keto. Dirty refers to eating a lot of fat from saturated sources where clean Keto refers to a range of fats plus tons of vegetables to make this diet as healthy as possible. This is a great book with a 30 Day Keto Plan to help you: Keto Diet: Your 30 Day Plan

Working Out At Home - One of the biggest struggles our clients seem to have is working out at home. They either don’t workout enough at home, aren’t sure how to mix things up or don’t add in enough strength and intensity. Week after week, we get asked questions about working out at home. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Something is better than nothing. 10 minutes is better than 0 so please get in what you can, when you can. Whether you can get in your 45 minute workout or have to just take a walk around the block because that’s all you can fit in, some movement is better than no movement.

  • Mix it up as much as you can. Change something each week if you can. This is a great opportunity to try a new class, set up a personal training session or get outside and go hiking, paddle barding or bike riding (if you don’t normally do those things). Keep your muscles guessing and your body changing by mixing it up.

  • Make it challenging. I kind of feel like a broken record when it comes to reminding everyone that making your workouts challenging is important. You have to add in intensity in at least a few of your workouts each week to get some of the benefits. Keep in mind that intensity does not automatically mean high impact. It means working at your highest level to push yourself and reap the benefits of HIIT workouts during the workout and after.

Alcohol - News flash! Alcohol is not good for you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but alcohol is not going to help you in your crusade for better health, weight loss and improved energy. Are you shocked? I hear so many of our guest talks about alcohol in a way that insinuates that it’s somewhat healthy and it’s just the calories you need to watch out for. It’s not just the “extra calories” that create issues. That’s actually the least offensive byproduct of drinking booze. Alcohol is a depressant, slowing your metabolism down. It can also impair the glands that release hormones disrupting the whole hormonal system — which can present in a number of issues including digestion, hunger issues, reproductive problems and more. All of that being said, life is all about balance. It’s important to recognize though that we can not really justify alcohol as a healthy “stress reliever” because it isn’t. If it’s something you want to incorporate here and there, that’s up to you but let’s own up to the fact that it’s not a healthy beverage that’s going to help you reach your goals in any way, shape or form.

Self Care - Last but not least, a healthy discussion about self care happens almost every single week. Self care isn’t limited to luxurious treatments in a spa. It means something different for everyone based on what you need to take care of yourself. It can be getting a massage or meditating. It can also mean eating healthy, making sure you get your daily workouts in and keeping your home clutter free. Practicing self care means doing the things that help you feel your best and allow you to thrive.

Join us for a fitness retreat to jumpstart your way to better health and wellness. Eat delicious, healthy meals, experience beachside workouts and reset your mind from the stress of the daily grind. We’d love for you to be part of the discussion. If you have any questions about this post or questions about fitness and wellness in general, leave them in the comment section below.

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