6 Tips For Maintaining Weight Loss

Woman maintaining weight loss by continuing to workout in the pool.

Maintain Your Weight Loss With 6 Simple Tips

Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal! Weight loss is hard for most people so reaching your goal should be celebrated. You’ve reached your goal and you should be proud. Don’t get too comfortable just yet though. Maintaining your weight loss is next on the agenda and it can be an even tougher feat if you’re not careful.

Maybe you identify with one of these scenarios. Have you ever lost weight and were so happy to reach your goal? You finally felt good in your clothes. You liked what you saw in the mirror. Life was good and then it happened — you gained the weight back a few months later. Or maybe you’re someone who is new to weight loss. You’re super excited that you have reached your goal but you’re a little confused as to what to do next. Now that you’ve lost the weight, what are the next steps?

Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy

  1. Stay Consistent With Nutrition - You’ve lost the weight and that’s fantastic but that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel with your healthy, clean eating habits. If you do, you’ll end up right where you started. You’re still going to need to stick with nutritious eating and eating in the proper portions. Adopting the 85/15 Rule is a great way to practice moderation. 85% of your meals should be in the right portion sizes and contain a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, colorful vegetables and fruit and healthy fats. 15% of your meals are open food choices or “cheat meals”. If you ate 3 meals per day x 7 days in a week that would equal 21 meals. With the 85/15 Rule, you’d be able to eat 3 meals as “cheat meals”.

  2. Keep Up With Your Workouts - The saying, “you can’t out run a bad diet” is true but you can help maintain your results by being consistent with your workouts. This where working out becomes more about balancing out your energy in vs energy out rations. It’s also the point where working out becomes even more functional than it was before. It’s about posture, strength, metabolism, range of motion and so much more. Keep up with your workouts not only to maintain weight loss but also for the health of it. Whether you workout outside, go to a gym, meet with a personal trainer or sign up for our online personal training, you’ve got to keep moving to keep your body healthy and your metabolism ignited.

  3. Find Healthy Recipes - Stay in the game with healthy food that you actually like to eat. It’s fun to “healthify” your favorite meals by subbing ingredients to make them a little bit more nutrient dense and without so many calories. The website, SkinnyTaste, is a great resource for healthy recipes for all nutritional needs (gluten free, dairy free, paleo, whole30, vegan, etc).

  4. Continue To Track Your Results - Stay on track by continuing your weekly or bi weekly measurement sessions. Track things like weight, measurements, energy levels, how you fit in a pair of pants, strength, mood and more. Keeping yourself accountable this way will help keep you focused and on track. You’ll notice if you see a pattern of gaining weight or feeling lethargic. This way you can make changes where necessary. Conversely, you may notice that you continue to lose weight and you’re already at your goal - it might be time to increase calorie intake a bit until you stop losing weight.

  5. Get Support - Find a friend who can become your workout buddy or a meal prep partner. Doing it alone can be tough sometimes and in weight maintenance, you may want to find a friend or a group of people that are like minded to help in your sustained weight loss. Joining a fitness group or finding an activity to do with other health conscious people could be a big help.

  6. Know Your Triggers - Know what sets you off and what might cause problems like overeating, not exercising and lack of healthy food to eat. Whether it’s work, family, travel or scheduling issues, it’s important to recognize what might get you out of your groove and take the necessary steps to prevent it. Try always having healthy meals prepped and ready to go in the refrigerator or freezer so you can grab something quickly. Have healthy snacks on hand so you can eat something quick if you’re at home, running errands or traveling for work. Develop a repertoire of workouts that you can do at home, at the gym or on the go. Look at your schedule in advance and plan for any upcoming events that might need extra preparation.

Summing It All Up

Again, congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal! It’s an exciting time period and it always good to feel good in your own skin. Weight loss maintenance is all about being consistent. Which of the 6 tips for weight loss maintenance do you need to work on most? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? It might be helpful to jot those down and know what you need to work on.

A few extra tips — Take note of the things that worked in weight loss mode and build upon those for weight maintenance. Continue to journal your food and exercise using our balanced eating journal to keep you on track. If you need an extra jumpstart, join us for a weight loss boot camp to reset your healthy habits and get you on the way to a better health and fitness foundation. We’d love to help guide and motivate you on your weight loss maintenance journey.

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