7 Simple Tips For Stress Reduction

Woman deep breathing to help reduce stress.


In these busy, hectic times, many people seek ways to reduce stress to get through their day. Whether your job, home life or other outside stressor is the culprit, most people are trying to find ways to reduce stress and/or eliminate it completely. Stress is a normal part of life, and sometimes, in certain situations, stress can increase productivity. But in cases of too much stress, this can have an impact on your health. Stress can cause headaches, high blood pressure, muscle aches and more. Stress comes in many different forms from mental to physical, chemical, electromagnetic, radiation and more. These seven tips may help reduce the stress in your life.


1. Sleep – Get into the habit of sleeping eight hours a night (if you can). Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time to develop a sleep ritual. Try relaxation before bed like a hot bath, lavender essential oil spray or reading a book. Relaxation before bed may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Sleep is the time period where much repair is done in the body. Cellular repair takes place during deep sleep. In addition, good sleep can help you feel rejuvenated and able to get up the following day to conquer yet another hectic schedule. It’s important to set yourself up for good sleep each and every night.

2. Put Your Electronics Away – Electromagnetic stress comes from all of our wonderful devices such as cell phones, computers, TVs, heated blankets and more. While all of these items are great conveniences of life, they do have an effect on our brains from the electromagnetic stimulation. This stimulation keeps the brain running in overdrive and prohibits us from relaxing the way we should at times. It’s best if you can shut off all electronics at least two hours prior to bed time.

3. Avoid Caffeine Before Bed – Limit your caffeine intake before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant and is a form of chemical stress on the body. Limiting your intake of this upper will help ensure a better night’s sleep. Each person is different and reacts differently to stimulants. Some are able to consume caffeine a few hours before bed and will be able to sleep while others need a bigger window. You’ll need to know your own body in order to figure out the time limit that works for you.

4. Try Deep Breathing – When times are stressful, breathe the stress right out of your body. Deep breathing can help lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and lower the production of cortisol. In times of stress, a simple deep breathing method such as breathing in to the count of 4 and breathing out to the count of four can help you relax in a matter of minutes. Think about pushing all of your stress out of your body with each exhale. This visual reference can help you really start to relax.

Meditating as a way to help reduce stress.

5. Take a Yoga or Pilates class – The mind/body aspect of both yoga and Pilates is a great way to combine physical movement with deep breathing. A good physical stress, moving your body can be one of the best ways to reduce stress. Essentially, you’re accomplishing two things at once. You’re able to get in a workout and relax your mind at the same time. In addition, both yoga and Pilates are geared at connecting the mind to the body and improving body awareness. They are both great ways to strengthen, improve flexibility and reduce stress.

6. Get a Good Workout In – Sometimes, the best way to reduce stress is to workout. Getting in a great workout that has your heart pumping can help improve mood by producing endorphins as well as strengthen you physically and mentally. Working out is also a great time to think things through. Whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist or just lifting weights, working out can provide some much needed alone time. Generally, mood is lifted and a more relaxed feeling comes over you after a good workout.

7. Go to the Spa – Massage and bodywork can be a great way to unwind both physically and mentally. Human touch, relaxing music and the benefits from muscular release are enough to get you feeling great in no time. Not only will your mind relax but your body will be releasing toxins from the manipulation of muscle tissue. You’ll forget your worries and treat your body and mind to an exceptional stress reduction experience. This type of stress reduction is great for mental, physical and chemical stress.

Stress can be combated in so many ways. Whether you have just a few minutes or hours to focus on stress reduction, there is an option for you. Hopefully, these seven tips can get you on the road to a less stressful life.

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