5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Spa

A quiet meditation room serves as a way to turn your home into a spa environment.


That feeling the moment you walk into a spa… It’s that exhale that releases all of the tension and stress going on in your mind and body that’s so appealing. I love going to the spa. For me, spa equals total body relaxation and the ultimate in tranquility. This type of stress reduction is so healing for the body and mind. This is one of the reasons we love incorporating spa into our fitness retreat — so guests can get total body wellness including healing body work. Obviously, part of going to the spa is getting out of your environment. Most of us can’t get to the spa daily though. Time and or money restrictions prevent us from entering that serene environment to unwind.

Luckily, if we can’t get to the spa on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, there are ways you can enjoy that type of environment at home. Some simple tweaks to your home or even just one room in your home can provide you a relaxing space to let go and enjoy the essence of the spa.

Herbal teas are great to have at home for a spa environment.


It’s a great idea to determine which room or rooms you’ll try to enhance like a spa. Is there one particular room in your home that you’d like to transform or will you add spa accents all throughout your house? Whether you have a guest bedroom, an office or a quiet nook somewhere, a particular area can be an easy way to escape when you need a little peace and relaxation. Having a plan before you begin will ultimately help you determine where you’ll add your relaxing touches and figure out what (if any) items you need to purchase and your budget.

  1. Spa Scents – One of the first things I notice when I walk into a spa is how wonderful it smells. Spas usually use relaxing essential oils that are a more subtle scent. You can incorporate spa smells in your home a couple of ways:

    • Essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, eucalpytus and even citrus like lemon or orange are great. Scents are personal though so what’s most important is that you use a scent that you love and feels relaxing to you. Essential oils can be used in diffusers or mixed with water and sprayed as an air freshener.

    • Scented candles can also be purchased to fill a room with a lovely, calming aroma. I usually suggest a candle that is eco friendly and scented from essential oils rather than artificial scents. What you burn in your home is emitted into the air and you want to be breathing in the best quality ingredients so that you can reap the benefits.

  2. Relaxing To The Eye – Have you ever noticed in a spa that things are usually very clean and organized? Spas normally use neutral colors like light blue, white, grey and white. Every item has its place and even small things like cotton balls are in a small glass jar.

    • At Home Tips: Clear countertops, pick up clothing and/or personal belongings and keep them put away. Everything should have its own space to avoid over stimulation of clutter. Clearing clutter can help ease the mind and help you focus on stress reduction and what’s important to you…instead of the clutter surrounding you. In addition, stick to neutral colors where you can. I’m not suggesting you do a complete home makeover but you may be able to rearrange or pick up a few inexpensive accessories that help neutralize colors in your spa area.

  3. Touch & Texture – Try adding different textures to your home. Touch is such a big part of spa and allowing yourself to be exposed to many textures (textures that you like) can help evoke this sensation. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the spa, they use wood floors, natural fiber rugs and even wonderfully soft towels, robes and blankets? Touch is one of the most important senses whether you’re in a spa or not.

    • Chenille, silk, cotton, jute, bamboo and velvet are just a few ideas that could be added relatively easily to your home. You most likely already have many textures. Bath towels, throw blankets, pillows and rugs are all items that can contribute different textures and help you experience the touch sensation.

    • Mats or Cushions – Having a place to sit or lie down and relax to simply meditate or do some gentle or yoga or stretching is another way to relax in a spa like way. A natural fiber mat such as a jute yoga mat or eco yoga mat could work perfectly. A meditation cushion is a fantastic way to meditate – especially for those that like to meditate sitting up. They aren’t expensive and usually aren’t large so they’re easy to grab and store.

  4. Easy On The Ears – Relaxing sounds can help you focus and reduce stress. Music is so personal so you’ll need to find a type that suits you for this type of stress reduction and rejuvenation. Spas play a range of music depending on the particular spa and their preferences. Music is so easily accessible now. Whether you have Apple Music, Pandora or another music app, you can stream or download relaxing music no matter where you are. Here are a few ideas for your at home spa music:

    • Harp, Violin or Guitar

    • Nature Sounds – ocean, lapping waves, light rain

    • Nature Sounds + Flute or Guitar

    • Easy Jazz

    • New Age

  5. Spa Food & Drink – Simple spa food or drink items are another option for home. Often times spas offer decadent teas, fruit and/or vegetable infused water as well as fresh-cut fruit in relaxation areas. These same spa tastes can easily be implemented for your at home spa experience.

    • Teas can be purchased from a number of outlets including local grocery stores, health food stores and specialty tea shops. Teas can be found in a number of flavors and strengths. Finding a tea that is both satisfying to your taste buds as well as your desire to relax should be pretty easy.

    • Water can be infused with any single fruit or vegetable or any combination that you like. Generally, we see water at spas infused with cucumber & mint, a citrus blend or a simple water with lemon wedges. Again, finding a taste that suits you is what’s most important. Infused waters can be made by the glass or pitcher.

    • Fresh cut fruit is not only a great snack to have around but if you’re planning an at home wellness day, it’s the perfect addition to your relaxation regimen. Berries, melon and citrus are all great to have on hand to grab or lay out on a platter. Fruit is also pleasing to the eye with its array of colors.

    • Fresh vegetable juices are another healthy addition and add to your nutrition benefits for the day.


Whether you go all out or create simple spa touches in your home, there are many ways to relax at home without heading to the spa. Maintaining a spa like environment can also be a good way to help yourself reduce tension from your daily grind. We’re all living in a stressed out world and we’re busier than ever so taking the time to relax even for just a few minutes is so beneficial for body and mind.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gave you some great ideas as to how to turn your home into more of a spa environment. Personally, I diffuse essential oils daily and my color palette is very neutral giving my home a more tranquil appearance and scent. It’s wonderful to wake up to and walk into after work.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave them in the comments below. If you need help with stress reduction and wellness, check out our Health & Wellness Coaching or join us for a fitness retreat to reboot your healthy habits! Best In Health & Wellness - Margot Rutigliano + The Vita Vie Retreat Team

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