5 Tips To Have A Healthy Vacation

Woman enjoying the beach during her vacation.


Vacations are a time to take a break. They are a time to free your mind of the stress of everyday life, to escape from the daily grind and to rejuvenate body and mind. Yet, it seems like so many people (and I’ve been there too) always need a “vacation from their vacation”. Shouldn’t you feel healthy, happy and totally revived?

Unfortunately, the getaway has turned into break from every aspect of life for a lot of people. So instead of nourishing yourself from the inside out, it becomes a break from life, from work and from the tasks of daily living. It has also become a break from healthy eating and fitness. I’m just as guilty as anybody of doing this in the past. My vacations to date are a total rejuvenation for me but in years past, I’ve binged on bad food, margaritas and returned home having gained 5 or 6 pounds. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Here are my tips and my favorite ways to keep my vacations healthy:

Woman relaxing on the beach during her healthy vacation.


  1. Move Your Body – Keep moving! No, you can’t undo every bad thing you put in your mouth on vacation but at least you’ll stay in the active, in an active mindset and you’ll continue to burn a few extra calories. I find that when I keep moving I generally feel better about myself. And when I’m feeling good about myself, I’m less likely to stray from my healthy ways.

    • Take advantage of your surroundings. If you’re in the mountains, go hiking. If you’re at the beach, take a walk or run on the beach with your feet in the water. Enjoy where you’re at. You’re on vacation! Maybe you don’t do the traditional gym workouts (or maybe you do a little of both) but using your beautiful surroundings is a great way to keep moving while enjoying the scenery.

    • Use what you have. You know what you have? Your body! Push ups, squats, lunges, pull ups, dips, planks, squat jumps, bridges and sit ups are just a few that came to mind quickly. You’ve got a body – use it! No excuses not to work out on vacation.

    • Bring light equipment – Resistance bands and a travel yoga mat are just two things you could bring with you that don’t take up much space, are light and can turn any workout into a more intense one when traveling.

  2. Use Portion Control – So you want to enjoy the tastes of the area. You’re in Mexico and you want to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine (which is much cleaner than our version of Mexican food) or you’re in the Southwest United States and you want to enjoy TexMex. Wherever you are, go for it! Enjoy the food native to that are but eat the same amounts you would at home. No need to stuff yourself just because you’re on vacation. 

  3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption – I know, I know… blah! I’m not saying don’t drink at all but what I am saying is keep your alcohol to a minimum. Enjoy that glass of wine (or two) at dinner but try not to drink all day long. Alcohol will dehydrate you, slow your metabolism down and zap your energy so if you’re looking to have a healthy vacation, keep it to a minimum.

  4. Hydrate – To go along with limiting your alcohol consumption, it is important to stay hydrated. Often times we mistake hunger and thirst. We think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty so we seek food instead of water. In addition, a small amount of dehydration leads to a decreased energy output so keep up the aqua! You’ll also beat vacation bloat (which is a huge bonus).

    • I like to take a water bottle with me when I travel so I can keep track of how much water I’m drinking. It makes it easy and convenient so you don’t have to spend extra money buying bottles of water all day long. A charcoal filter stick is a great addition and all you have to do is slip it into your bottle to filter your water!

  5. Relax – Yes! Take advantage of your getaway. Enjoy not being confined by life’s demands. Relax at the beach, poolside or with a view of the mountains. Whatever you do, make time for yourself on your vacation. Spa, reading a book or taking an easy walk are great ways to wind down. So while it’s great to have a healthy vacation, don’t get so caught up in it that you forget to take time for yourself. Enjoy your time, your friends or family and each moment. Turn off electronics as much as possible and try to stay in the moment to soak up every single bit. Oh, and obviously if you want a healthy, structured and very active vacation, come visit us for a fitness retreat! We hope you enjoyed this post! - Margot + The Vita Vie Retreat Team

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