5 Best All Natural Muscle Gels

Woman rubbing all natural muscle gel on a client’s back.


I love two things – working out and all natural body care products. I’ve been looking around for a while for some all natural muscle gel or muscle rub cream that actually works. As you can guess, owning Vita Vie Retreat means that my activity level is very high. I am running around with our fitness retreat guests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition, I get my own workouts in my free time and love to run and play golf. So I am no stranger to tight and tired muscles… just like all of you.

In addition to my highly active schedule, I have a passion for all natural body care, skincare and make up. I like to know that what I’m putting on my body is chemical free or at least paraben, pthalate and sulfate free. I love quality products that look, smell and feel good – and aren’t going to harm you. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it so it’s important to consider all of the products you’re using on your skin and your scalp. When we digest food, we have a system of filtration (our digestive system) but there’s no real filter when it comes to applying products to your skin. When it comes to muscle rub, I’d rather the active ingredients come from essential oils rather than potentially toxic ingredients or those that are naturally derived.

I’ve done a lot of testing (the fun part!) and I’ve come up with a number of options that truly work. Not only do they work, but they also smell more natural rather than having that very strong, chemical odor that so many muscle gels have. So without further ado, here is my list of the 5 best all natural muscle gels and creams.


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel

I absolutely Aromatherapy Associates and I REALLY love their muscle gel. Not only does it work, but it smells wonderful. I’ve had a massage therapist use it as a massage “oil” before when needing super deep massage and to get all of the knots out. I regularly use it on tired achy muscles and feet!

“This best-selling body gel treats aching muscles by using the powers of Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lavender and Ginger essential oils. After a long day at work or an intense workout, give your aching muscles the love they need. De-Stress Body Gel instantly cools aches and pains, then warms muscles over time leaving them feeling soothed.”


ELEMIS Musclease Active Body Oil

Another brand I’m in love with right now is ELEMIS. If you’ve ever done a retreat with us, you know that the Seagate Spa carries and uses this brand. It’s a British luxury skincare line that’s free of artificial colors, SLS, SLES, Parabens, DEA and mineral oils. Their Musclease active body oil is divine! It is an oil so it’s nice and smooth and leaves skin soft.

“The synergy of maritime pine, sea buckthorn, sea fennel extracts and rosemary essential oil helps ease muscle pain and stressed joints. Active ingredients:Rosemary, Maritime Pine, Sea Fennel, Sea Buckthorn”


doTerra Deep Blue Rub

doTerra has a fantastic reputation for their essential oils and they’ve added on several products to compliment their oil line over the years. Their muscle rub happens to be one of them and one of my favorites. I love that it has that cooling sensation to achy muscles but it comes from essential oils and plant extracts – not harsh chemicals. Plus, it goes on smooth and isn’t greasy. I like this muscle rub for neck and shoulders but it’s great for any area that’s causing you discomfort.

doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is a rich, topical cream infused with the Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and other powerful ingredients, Deep Blue Rub provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas. Essential Oil Blend: Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus”


Viola’s Deep Soothe

Viola’s Deep Soothe is similar to doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub. It’s active ingredients are plant based and come in the form of essential oils. It goes on smooth and leaves skin silky soft. I loved using this for my achy shoulders.

“This powerful rub is a rich, topical cream is infused with Deep Soothe Essential Oil Soothing Blend. This proprietary formulation provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth, giving it an outstanding ability to soothe inflammation, alleviate pain, and ease soreness. Deep Soothe Muscle Rub is useful for sports injuries, overexerted muscles and headaches. Deep Soothe Muscle Rub uses close to 5 mL of Viola’s Deep Soothe blend of wintergreen leaf, camphor wood, peppermint flower herb, helichrysum flower, blue chamomile flower, blue tansy leaf, and osmanthus flower oils. Individually, these oils are known for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, warming, cooling, and cortisone-like properties. Deep Soothe Muscle Rub is an essential addition to your bathroom, first aid kit, and gym bag.”


BioFreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief

Raise your hand if you’ve never used BioFreeze! While this one isn’t quite as sophisticated or “clean” as the other options I’ve provided, BioFreeze is still a fantastic option for your muscle and joint pain. I always have a tube of BioFreeze on hand and many of our guests use it as well. It is paraben free, propylene glycol free and offered in a gel and spray form.

“The non-systemic, non-addictive, non-NSAID Biofreeze pain relief gel formula features 4% USP-grade Menthol as an active ingredient and also includes a proprietary herbal blend of USP-grade Camphor, Aloe, Arnica, Burdock Root, Boswellia, Calendula, Green Tea, Ilex, Lemon Balm and Vitamin E.”


**Note: It’s always best to spot test any new product on your skin in a small area before applying it generously. In addition, if you’re using any other prescribed topical treatments or supplements, it’s best to consult with your doctor before using.


I hope you find remedy to your achy muscles and joints. Remember, developing a system that’s a balance of flexibility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning is best. Regular stretching, foam rolling and/or massage will also help a tired, achy, sore body.

If you need help with movement, stretching and flexibility, check out our Health and Wellness Coaching. We can help you with solutions from the comfort of your own home. Best In Health & Wellness - Margot + The Vita Vie Retreat Team

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