10 Things To Do Before You Leave For A Vacation

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Ready to go on vacation? Getting ready to leave for a trip is always exciting. It seems like your brain is filled with happy thoughts – thoughts of time away from home or work, total relaxation for body and mind and the adventures ahead. Whether you’re joining us for a fitness vacation or going on your own getaway near or far, these are some great tips to consider before leaving.

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So, you are going to depart for your dream travel destination. Before you leave, make sure you consider taking some important steps. Given below are 10 things you may want to do.

Inform your credit card provider

You will need your credit card during your vacation. So, make sure you get in touch with your credit card provider to find out about your travel plans. You can do so by making a call or submitting your request through an online form.

There is no need to mention that your account should have enough funds to meet your needs.

Call your phone company

If you are going to travel abroad, make sure you call your service provider to set up the most inexpensive plan for you, which can help you make calls, send messages and browse the World Wide Web. This can save you a good deal of money on your international calls.

Inform your local police station

This decision depends on your stay duration. If you are leaving for more than two weeks, make sure you inform your local police station about it. They may check on your house if you ask them while you are away.

Confirm Your reservations

It’s better if you re-check your reservations, such as your hotel, flight, restaurants, car rental, attractions and other experiences or services that you may have planned. After all, you don’t want the check-in counter to surprise you.

If you have a printer, you can print out the confirmations. But if you have no printer, you can write down all the confirmation numbers and keep them in your wallet.

*You can also store confirmation numbers in a not on your phone and in some cases tickets (such as airline boarding passes) can be stored in your wallet on your iPhone.

Make advance payments 

You don’t want to pay late fees, do you? While you are away, there should be someone who will pay the utility bills, rent and credit card bills on behalf of you. As an alternative, you can also pay the bills in advance.

Check the weather

Although it’s obvious, many people forget to check the weather before leaving for their desired destination. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast for your hometown before you come back.

*Our Florida weather can change quickly (even in one day). It’s a great idea to check the weather and make sure to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and even a hat if you’re joining us for a fitness vacation.

Give away the perishable food

Before you leave for your trip, make sure you remove perishable food from your fridge and throw it away or give away. In the same way, you should run the dishwasher, remove the trash and properly clean the sink. This will ensure there is nothing in the drain that may attract bugs.

*You can also put fresh food in the freezer rather than giving it away if it makes sense for you and your trip duration.

Check your wallet

You should check your wallet to ensure you don’t have items that you won’t need over there. For instance, you can leave gift cards, loyalty cards, and other items at your home.

Mail Delivery

If you will be away for a few weeks, make sure you make this smart move. Placing a hold on your regular mail delivery is a great idea. As an alternative, you can ask a neighbor to receive your mail while you are away.

Protect your Outdoor wares 

It’s not a good idea to leave outdoor wares, such as pool equipment, cushions and patio chairs unguarded, particularly some lightweight items.

Hope these tips will help you enjoy your trip.

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By: Shalini Mittal

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To Sum It Up

Leaving for vacation can be really exciting but also a little stressful if you’re trying to accomplish a million things before you leave. Whether you’re heading out on your own fun retreat or joining us for one of our weight loss boot camps, you’ve got to get prepared. It’s a great idea to jot down (either using pen and paper or with a note on your phone) a complete list of everything you need to do before you head off on your getaway. This way, you have a clear list to work from and you can check off each item as you complete it. It might help keep you organized and give you a better sense of what still needs to be done.

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