10 Simple Tools For At Home Workouts

Woman uses exercise ball for at home workout.


Working out at home or on the go is becoming more and more popular. Various websites on the intranet provide tons of online fitness classes, yoga classes and boot camps. You can now workout wherever you are – anytime, any place from anywhere in the world. This is fantastic but what will you need in terms of equipment in order to tackle your at home fitness? Luckily, there are great tools that don’t take up much space, aren’t cumbersome and many can travel with you.

SPRI Resistance Bands – I love these SPRI resistance bands. They’re braided and much more durable than many other rubber resistance bands. Plus, they come in different strengths so you can choose which one or a few that will work best for you. Work your whole body with resistance bands! They don’t weigh much and are easy to store or pack in a suitcase. Approx $15 – $28

Get them here: Resistance Bands

 Balance Discs – We use balance discs at the retreat every single week and have been for years. I love these because again, they are easy to store and easy to take on the go if you need to. They come in a set of 6 and can be used under the feet (squats, lunges, balance movements) as well as under than hands or toes (think planks and/or push ups). We also use them to stand on top of while we preform upper body work making those movements a little more functional.

Approx: $32/set of 6 | Get them here: Balance Discs

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat – This mat is perfect for ALL types of yoga and fitness. It’s a little more than 1/4 inch thick which gives it a little more support and padding than the typical yoga mats. It’s also non-slip, PVC free, latex free and free of any harmful chemicals.

Approx $32

Get It Here: Eco Yoga Mat


Medicine Ball – Medicine balls are wonderful tools for fun, dynamic workouts. They are a great addition to any strength workout. These balls are gel filled so they’re easy to handle and won’t bounce up high (meaning they won’t bounce in your face). Pricing Starts At $9

Get Them Here: Medicine Ball


TRX Suspension Trainer – The TRX supplies a fantastic workout providing your bodyweight as the resistance in combination with this suspension system. It’s easy to use and easy to set up. Use it with a door that’s securely shut, a wall mount and outdoor spaces. It can also travel (yes!).

Approx $149 (includes entire system and guide book)

Get It Here: TRX Suspension System


Power Blocks – These adjustable dumbbells are a major space saver. They won’t travel well (unless you’re driving and don’t mind lugging them along) but they’ll store easily or in a small space at home. Much better than having a ton of dumbbells laying around if you don’t have the room! They are very versatile and adjust from 3 – 24 lbs.

Approx $154

Get Them Here: Power Blocks


Exercise Ball – We love a good old “swiss” ball. They’re great for incorporating into your strength workout (as a bench), to use as an accessory for your bodyweight workout and also for balance and even stretching. They’re super functional and can even double as your at home office chair!

Approx $20 – $29

Get It Here: Exercise Ball


Foam Roller – A great, high density foam roller like the one pictured to the left is a wonderful tool to have around for recovery. You’re bound to need some great myofascial release at some point! Keep this baby on hand to release tight and achy muscles. Approx $9 – $19 depending on size

Get It Here: Foam Roller


Jump Rope – Jumping rope is a fantastic way to get in a great cardio workout anywhere! Any premium quality jump rope is suitable. These things are perfect because they weigh almost nothing and be tucked away in a drawer or cabinet taking up virtually zero space or packed in a suitcase. They make for easy, on the go workouts!

Approx $8

Get It Here: Jump Rope


Gliding Discs – Strength, core work and even cardio moves can be accomplished with gliding discs. These are fun, they bring a new element of strength and control to workouts and can be used on either carpet or hardwood floors. They come in a variety of colors – choose your favorite and go! Again, these are light weight and can be taken anywhere. Perfect!

Approx $13

Get Them Here: Gliding Discs


If you need motivation and guidance for your fitness regimen, join us for a fitness retreat to get the jumpstart you need! In addition, our Online Personal Training is a great option if you can’t make it to us for a retreat.

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Woman using weights for at home workout.