4 Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Woman getting rid of belly fat with strength training.


By Margot Rutigliano | Updated January 2019

Belly fat is an issue for many people and it’s one of those things that feels like it just won’t go away. We’re all after “flat abs”, right? We want the 6 pack – the rock hard mid section that looks super sexy. Or maybe just a flat mid section that doesn’t get in the way of your bathing suit or your clothing. Either way, while belly fat may not look great, it’s also not good for your health. That stubborn layer that surrounds your mid section can get in between your organs and compromise how they function. So for aesthetic reasons and health reasons, it’s time to say bye bye to belly fat.

I consistently hear women and men at our fitness retreat complaining about this extra girth fat that they can’t get rid of. It’s the “spare tire” syndrome. What’s up with belly fat? Why, as we get older do we end up storying fat in that area? A few reasons:

  • The belly area is a fat storage “pocket” area for fat. For some people, they store fat in the mid section just like others do around the hips or thighs.

  • Hormones – yep, those little chemical messengers called hormones coordinate complex processes like growth, metabolism and can even influence the immune system. High stress can lead the over production of cortisol which is one of the causes of belly fat.

  • Inflammation – alcohol, sugary foods, the overabundance of carbohydrates and other metabolic or physical issues can lead to inflammation. This inflammation can lead to excess storage of fat in the middle.

  • Inactivity – being inactive can also contribute to belly fat. If you’re eating well and not burning anything off, excess weight will begin to add up.


Ok, so enough of the information. We’re all here to figure out how to get rid of belly fat. Here are my 4 tips (plus a bonus tip) to finally saying goodbye to belly fat:

1. Drink Your Water – Drink enough water for your body and your activity level every single day. Getting yourself fully hydrated will not only expel any water weight you’re holding on to but can also help your body absorb nutrients better. Your body can’t process the food you take in correctly and turn it into energy you can use if you aren’t fully hydrated. This leads to energy deprivation, mood swings and excess water weight. Give yourself an automatic boost by making sure you’re always drinking your water.

  • Your body can only absorb about 10 ounces every 15 minutes or so. Don’t chug your water. Drink it consistently throughout the day.

  • Drink enough water so that your urine is very light yellow to clear the majority of the time. This is a good indicator that you’re fully hydrated.

2. Eat Healthy, Fresh, Whole Foods – Cut out the processed foods and highly refined carbohydrates and sugary foods as much as possible. Stick to lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains. This one isn’t rocket science but it may be one of the most important tips to take to heart. Eating habits contribute 80 – 85% of your success in weight loss and weight maintenance. What you eat and how much you take in have a direct effect on whether you store excess fat or not.

  • Stick to fresh, whole foods.

  • Use healthy carbohydrates like potatoes, squash, brown rice, quinoa, sprouted bread and whole grain pasta instead of refined options.

  • Use portion control so you’re eating the correct amounts.

  • Cut out refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup and other additives as much as possible.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption – Life is all about balance – not deprivation. That being said, alcohol is not great for your health and not great for your waistline. The once or twice a week drink is ok to add in but a daily glass (or two or three) can interfere with your hormones, cause your body to hold on to water (dehydration) and cause you to eat things you may not necessarily have (like that extra slice of pizza or dessert). I never say eliminate anything completely and the same goes for alcohol. It should be used sparingly though rather than part of your everyday life.

4. Tone & Strengthen – A big, huge YES for toning and strengthening. Working your muscles can help you burn more calories and fat which leads to the reduction of fat storage areas. There is no such thing as spot toning but strength training is good for the whole body. Plus, you’ll want a strong core section for life’s functional movements and because it looks great when that belly fat starts to melt off. Strength and toning work helps to stimulate your muscle mass, builds strength (which we all need), is good for bone density and helps release stress (hello working out!). So, include strength training in your life whenever possible.

5. BONUS: Get Rid Of Stress – Say adios to stress! Stress is a huge contributor to belly fat. In order to get rid of stress, you first need to identify which types are impacting you. Do you have physical stress, emotional, mental, work or family related stress? Figure out where the stress is coming from and form plan to eliminate as much as you can from your life. Some great ways to combat stress are:

  • Meditation

  • Quiet Time

  • Massage

  • Yoga or Stretching

  • Resolving Emotional Matters

  • Tending To Any Physical Injuries or Illness

  • Journal Your Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are no one size fits all solutions to losing fat and getting fit. Losing the extra belly fat takes dedication and consistency. Consistency is the key to reaching your goals – any goal. It may not happen fast but if you can choose a few healthy habits to focus on consistently, you’ll end up with the results you want. Be patient with yourself and the process.


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I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. Best In Health & Wellness - Margot + The Vita Vie Retreat Team


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