Our Classes & Sessions

If you’re thinking of visiting us for a fitness retreat, you’re probably wondering what types of classes or private sessions you’ll be participating in. Here, we answer your questions about the types of activities that will be included in your retreat.

We are a fitness focused retreat that blends in a good balance of disciplines to create total body balance. Not only do we get your heart rate up but we also add in recovery work, mind body disciplines and core/stability work. Check out each retreat description below as well as what could be included in that active getaway.

Where We Hold Retreat Classes + Sessions: 
BEACH – We love to use the beach (Vita Boot Camp) as well as outdoor parks for workouts especially in the morning when it’s not quite as hot. We will try to get outside if possible in the afternoon.

FITNESS CENTER – We also use the fitness center for private sessions.

PRIVATE STUDIO – We also have a private studio on site used for indoor classes and private sessions.
*Private fitness retreats can designate whether they’d like their sessions indoor or outdoor.

See some of the places we workout here: Where We Workout



Vita Boot Camp is a group retreat exclusively limited to 10 people at a time. Each day’s sessions consist of a balance of cardio, strength, core/balance and flexibility/recovery work. Some of the classes included are listed below.

Vita Boot Camp Cardio + Strength Classes: beach boot camp, 2 hour power hour, dynamic warm up (with intervals), hiit, sports conditioning, salsa mix, ballet tone, medicine ball blast, resistance band training, kick punch + jump, tabata, bodyweight, total body tone, no impact zone

Vita Boot Camp Core + Balance Classes: Pilates mat, stability disc balance, core flow, core circuit, balance fusion

Vita Boot Camp Flexibility + Recovery Classes: Yoga (hatha, yin, vinyasa – varies per week), full body stretch, foam rolling, dynamic flexibility, simple stress reduction techniques and 1 – 15 minute meditations


8am – 10am 2 Hour Power Hour
10am – Pilates Mat or Balance Training
2pm Kick, Punch + Jump
3pm Yoga, Stretch or Foam Roll

*Above is a sample day. Days vary with a mixture of classes and classes are spread throughout the week. Timing may differ slightly depending on the day as well.



Private fitness retreats are one on one customized retreats. We gather information from each guest prior to arrival to understand their goals, current health and fitness history and what they’d like to get out of the retreat. Based upon this information, a retreat is formulated specifically for that guest.

Private Fitness Retreat Strength + Cardio Sessions: Strength training, Medicine ball, Stability ball, Resistance Band, Bodyweight, Dance, Kickboxing, Sport specific workouts, At home workouts, On the go workouts, Interval training, Circuit training

Private Fitness Retreat Core + Balance Sessions: General balance training (with or without aparatus), Pilates mat, Stability and balance work for sport specific goals, Separation work for sport specific goals, Pilates Mat, Core conditioning

Private Fitness Retreat Flexibility + Recovery Classes: Yoga (varied styles), full body stretch, assisted stretch, foam rolling, dynamic flexibility, stress reduction techniques, meditations (simple to longer duration meditations)